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Zombie Fast Food! Brain Inna Bag™!

…aaaand you can fill in the rest yourself.

Maybe they just wanted the family to know she was thinking of them.

On a more serious note, why did they remove the brain in the first place?

As usual with today’s liberal media, only half the story is reported. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality issues I am unable to discuss this event in detail, but I can tell you that the first name of one of the family members suing is “Igor” and that the suit has more to do with the quality of the brain storage. Any idiot knows that brains aren’t kept in bags, they’re kept in jars.

Ah, that makes more sense. But isn’t the family at least partly at fault here? I realize the funeral home should have clarified the choices available, but honestly, you should know to ask for a jar instead of a bag if that’s your preference. It’s just common sense, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive organs.

I’m sure the Igors tried. Perhaps the lipth got in the way.