Bracket for fixing squeaking floors from below?

I remember seeing this in a magazine maybe 10 years ago, but I can’t find it anymore. (It was probably in an ad, not in a feature article.)

It was a bracket that you could install around a floor joist to stop the floor from squeaking at that location. I think it used diagonal screws. The interesting part was that (claimingly) it could be installed entirely from below an existing floor, so there was no need to remove the carpet or hardwood surface to fix a squeak.

Of course, I don’t know if the thing worked as claimed. I guess, if it did, it would be hugely popular and easy to find in Google.

Does anyone remember the thing in question, and ideally the brand name?

I remember the item you are talking about, but a search on Amazon for “floor squeak” didn’t bring up anything like it. So maybe it didn’t work, and is gone. The “Squeak Ender Kit” is closest to how I remember it working, but like you, I remember the screws being at an angle.

on PBS show Ask This Old House was demonstrated an above floor application. the screw (special to this device) was applied with a tripod like device and ordinary drill/driver. the screw went into the wood and broke the top part off below floor surface when fully tightened leaving a screw with screw threads holding tightly the joist/subfloor/floor.

don’t recall brand. they have names of products on website.

here’s something, looks expensive if you gotta buy a lot of them.

i found it