Brain Project Ideas

Alright, i need your help in this.
Scenario: I was absent on the day of a test in my High School Anatomy and Physiology Honors class, and never made it up due to a big brain fart. My friend, Beth, is also in the same situation. The test is worth 100 points. Anyways, since we missed the makeup days, the teachers says it’s too late to make up. After some begging, she said she’d let us think of a project worth 50 points, and then we can get a 50F on our test instead of a zero.
The test was on the functions of the brain and whatnot. The project my teacher suggested was for each of us to do a large poster, draw a body and organs, and demonstrate which parts of the brain affect different organs. One of us were to do it in sympathetic mode, and the other in parasympathetic mode. Needless to say, we never learned about either of these, although it is in our textbook. I really do not want to do this project, but I will as a last resort. The due date is next friday, and if i do a different project i have to get it approved first. So, here’s where you come in:

  1. Suggest an easier/better project I could try to get approved.
  2. And give any tips or info on how to do the project you suggest, or, if you didn’t suggest one, any tips on how to do the project the teacher thought of.

Thanks in advance for any good ideas!

I won’t do your homework for you :wink: but here is a good place to get started. There’s good links toward the bottom of the page.

Pah I just need a good idea

You could sketch out the differences in fMRI and PET images of acetylcholinergic versus sertonergic neurons projecting from the raphe nucleus.

I would be happy to read your textbook and do all the work by the deadline. Just send $2000 to FranticMac, c/o StraightDope.

parasym versus symp is EASY.

sympathetic is via adrenalin (epinephrine) and causes
the “fright or flight” response.

parasympathetice is via acetylcholine and causes all the stuff that happens when you are sitting quietly and relaxing.

target organs to include on your poster:
blood vessels
lung tissue
large and small intestine
sex organs

it’ll take you about 1/2 hour to read what the autonomic nervous system does, and as long as you want to make a nice poster.

be thankful for small mercies.

you could be being asked about cranial never lesions or something.

Thanks irish girl, that should help me get started a lot. Wish me luck finding my textbook :stuck_out_tongue: