Brainglutton and Lumpy, WTF is this?

In a thread called What’s the most undemocratic thing US politicians ever rammed down the public throat?, Brainglutton saw a chance to make a blowjob joke that even a thirteen year old would be embarrassed to make, given its awkwardness:

Lumpy decides to follow up with:

Okay, Brainglutton was vaguely riffing off of previous posts in the thread in order to make a shitty joke.

But Lumpy? What the fuck? You claim people irritated at your joke are being whooshed, but I see no whoosh here; I just see crass racist stereotypes.

I’m glad you posted this. I struggled with how to react to those posts and I think WTF about sums it up. Also, what is this whoosh Lumpy is talking about?

BrainGlutton habitually makes disgusting sexual “jokes”. At least when he’s not linking to RationalWiki articles that I’m sure he’s written himself. Or posting 14 consecutive posts in the “We are struggling together” thread in Elections. He’s one of the most useless leftish posters on the board.

Lumpy has never come to my attention before now. He was obviously riffing off the “joke” of BrainGlutton, but it was a bad idea.

Well, if it was a middlin’ joke, it’d be a mid-riff.


I would note that the Mod was not amused:

Neither was I. Crudity and innuendo I expect in the pit; in Great Debates, it has to be clever and on-topic. If they have working brain cells, they should both regret those posts.

Being that they do not, I have no doubt that they will defend them, with the usual ‘blame the attackers’ defense of “You just don’t have a sense of humor/irony/farce/etc.”


For some reason, **BrainGlutton **usually comes across as an alien desperately trying to simulate a human sense of humor, and failing.

I’ve been fed up with BrainGlutton’s habit of posting juvenile homophobic “jokes” for years now. Apparently, he thinks he gets a pass because he supports SSM. Not from me, though. That asshole can’t fuck off soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

Never really noticed Lumpy before. Based on that post, I’m okay with that.

He comes off as someone who has never had a relationship with a live female. One wonders why the mods put up with that shit after having already suspended him.

For the record: Brainglutton wrote an obviously fake post about an outrageously racist and exploitive law supposedly passed in the late-19th century. In that era, as the last vestiges of Reconstruction faded away and the now-infamous Plessy v. Ferguson decision upheld “separate but equal” laws, many laws were passed that were carefully worded to be theoretically color-blind, but in practice were discriminatory. So I made a joke about Brainglutton’s fictional law fitting that pattern.

Jeeze Louise.

Yes, Lumpy, we could all see that. The problem here isn’t that your wit is too subtle for us.

Fine, I made a joke that everyone thought was unfunny and crude. That doesn’t explain the level of vitriol that’s led to the very creation of this Pitting. Considering we’ve had jokes about abortion, the Holocaust, gays and lesbians, heinous massacres, terrorism, feminism, religion, politics, and virtually anything else that people could get offended about, I don’t see why the mob came out with torches and pitchforks for this.

Well, until you can figure that out, maybe this “joke” thing isn’t for you.

Um… because African-Americans are a protected class, in reference to whom one cannot even sarcastically mock racism itself?

Maybe I should change my name to Verhoeven. That guy can say anything and have it applauded as brilliant deconstructionism.

People scream “racism” so often nowadays I don’t think the word even has any meaning any more. To some, the idea that race even exists is itself a racist one.

When bad jokes are outlawed, only outlaws will make bad jokes. Not that I have any worries, but Vinny will have to live pretty much on the lam. Maybe Bolivia…

When bad jokes are outlawed, there won’t be any good ones, either.

I’ll let you know when I get on outlawing anything, luci. Till then I’ll tell people their jokes are shitty racist caricatures when their jokes are shitty racist caricatures, and if they take that as the sign to get super duper defensive and complain about how nobody can tell jokes any more, well, that’s their cross to bear.

I made a reference to lip size first because the fictional law was about “fellatory conscription”, second because the fictional law was supposedly applied to African-Americans, and third because African-Americans on average have fuller lips than whites- something I thought was as uncontroversial as saying that most African-Americans have brown skin.

Jesus, dude, your joke wasn’t hard to analyze. Quit thinking we just don’t get the subtle brilliance of your humor.

Next you’re gonna be telling me that Asians have squinty eyes and white people are hirsute! Heresy.

There was some guy, black guy doing standup, long time ago. Riffing on how this white women in a fancy car pulled up on the street where he was standing, and her window was open just a little bit. And she glanced at him standing there and rolled it up the rest of the way.

Paraphrase: So, what was she thinking, that I would put my big ol’ lips onto that opening and just suck her right out of the car, is that what she thought?..(beat, beat)…So I did!

Laugh? I thought I’d surely die!

Good taste, no. Racial stereotype/caricature up the wazoo, yep. Funny.

If you raise a fuss every time a joke offends you, they won’t stop telling the jokes, at most they’ll just stop telling you. If that’s what you want, cool. Your call.