Brake Shoe problem

I bought rear drum linings for my 1999 Dodge ram 4x4 1500 318cid and the 1st set were wrong. The pin hole and spring anchor hole didn’t match up with the oem lining i removed. I went to another parts store and the lining numbers were the same (they said) and there lining didn’t match mine, The parts man went back and got another remanufactured breand and it was a match. It worked.
The 1st one was a carquest p/n RS462 with a bar code of 7 47730241944 relined shoe. the one that was a match was a Parts Master (rivited) remanufactured shoe with a P/N FR462 bar code 0 31808 75040 8 sold at champion auto

The problem was the springs were over-streached and the adjuster edge was about 3/8 inch high, not even close to the adjuster wheel.

Can anyone tell me what happened here, I spent half the day today running between parts store. And yes i will visit the OEM store next time.

My suggestion after all that running around, is to go to a dealership that works on Dodge trucks and ask them. It the price is okay, just get it from them.
Two possibilites for what happened are…First the stores have the wrong numbers in there computers (I’ve had that happen with vavle stem seals ) or second, the shoes on your truck are aftermarket and not the correct ones. Going back to the correct one’s looks like you’re putting the wrong ones on. (Most likely the first thing though)

They were probably boxed wrong. It’s not an unusual occurence, even from a dealer.