Brandi Chastain

Ok, I know this isn’t a sports forum, but I have a question. I missed the interview where Brandi Chastain (who scored the World Cup winning goal) swore on national TV. So, my question is: What exactly did she say? And why are people upset about it?

Thanks in advance.


Not being an exact quote she said about teammate Michelle Akers, “She’s the best goddamned player in the world.”

I think it was a bit more scandalous since it came from a woman who aren’t expected to upset our delicate sensibilites about language as much as men.

Yet the Republic survives!

Brandi can say anything she likes, as long as she whispers it in my ear while XXXXXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXX X XXXXX XXX XX XXXXXX, XXX XXXXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX. - MC

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I think people are upset because they are stuck on the fact that she is female. Men often use inappropriate language in locker rooms, I don’t know why everyone would be upset that she did. She is the closest thing to a “Dennis Rodman” on the team, and I think some people don’t like some of her antics. She posed for a magazine shot with nothing but a soccer ball on(held in a strategic place) and of course, ripped off her shirt after scoring. I think it is pretty cool that she is confident enough to do what she wants. Actually, most girls I know that are confident and independant all played some sort of team sport in high school or college.

If that’s indeed what she said, “G-ded” then I imagine many people are upset at her using their lord’s name in vain. That’s not so hard to understand, is it?

My biggest difficulty with her is the fact that she yanked her shirt off in front of the whole world, then in a CNN interview stated that she put her shirt back on to receive the medal because she wanted to “look presentable.”
She can pose any way she wants for magazines, but as long as she is on television being a “role model” for young women, maybe a little restraint is in order.
A world cup soccer game shouldn’t have to be PG rated!


She was wearing a sport’s bra, for Go—I mean, for Pete’s sake! You see more skin than that just walking down the street. Get over it.

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you losers. She was wearing a sports bra. those things are made out of canvas and cast iron. I think she should be able to say any goddamned thing she wants Cause I didn’t see DISNEY paying her so say anything. Why do the men in every damn sport get that but the women don’t

I really don’t get all this controversy over Chastain. She had an awesome tournament. She even came back after scoring a goal on her own team, and led them to win that match. This woman has an awesome body and should be proud to show it off whenever she wants. In EVERY single basketball game men take off their jerseys after the game and no one cares. Chastain was wearing more than a bikini top w/ the sports bra, people are just too tight.
Sorry for my mindless rambling I can’t get the picture of her out of my head. What a physique on that woman.
I gotta go wipe the drool off my chin…

Ha! That’s funny; I find it amusing. So much for the advances in equality. Maybe it’s just that women’s sports are finally starting to blossom on to the national consciousness and there are still some pre-conceived ideas on what’s acceptable for a woman.

As for sports bras, I show more with my bikini top then you’d ever see with me walking around in my sports bra. Smeg, cast iron and canvas…you’re killin’ me here.

Glad to hear of the support from the guys. Thank you, gentleman.

…it has never been my way to bother much about things which you can’t cure.

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Not fair! I never saw the woman ripping her shirt off! Any links for me, please?

And a question, why can we males walk on the streets topless, and girls can’t? And please don’t tell me that it is because we males get turned on by bare-cheasted females and it’d be much of a problem keeping peace and order in the streets. What, don’t women get turned on by males’ bare chests or what?

Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe absurdities.

E1 - It’s against the law, for one thing, specifically for the reason you cited and generally because most people think a woman’s breasts should not be on display in public.

What do you mean it’s against the law? Here in the great state of New York, a court decision specifically granted women the legal right to bare their breasts in public as long as it’s not done for commercial purposes.

It’s legal in Ohio too, last I checked. Last summer, a stripper caused a decent-sized traffic jam in Columbus by standing topless on the corner of the busiest intersection in downtown, handing out free admission coupons to her show that night.

As for whether or not I’m attracted to a man’s naked chest–well, it depends on the man. He’d have to have some nice pecs for it to turn my head. Men, on the other hand, will look at just about any boobies they can.

My suspicion is that it is less common now in New York than it was before it was confirmed to be legal. It used to be a protest – now it’s just a crowdpleaser.

In Ohio? And I missed it? If it’s legal, I can think of a way to make this summer less boring…


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I rememer 4 years ago when my Steelers beat the Colts to go to the Super Bowl, Greg Lloyd(my favorite player) said (paraphrasing here)
It’s about time we got this trophy(the AFC Championchip trophy) back in this town where it belongs. Next year, hopefully we can get it back again. And the fucking super bowl too. This caused somewhat of an uproar too, since it was on national tv live. I didn’t see it , I was at the game, but heard about that night and saw it on tape. It’s part of being in a locker room. I’m sure just because you are female doesn’t mean you can’t lose control of you emotions after winning such a big game(especially after scoring the goal.) Get over it. Maybe some males are threatened by independant strong-willed women who don’t feel they have to act like Suzy Homemaker.

Thanks for the answers on what Brandi said. I’m not really surprised that she swore on TV. I’ve seen countless men do it, so why would I expect any better from a woman athlete?

  Now, I saw her take her shirt off on the highlights during Sportcenter. And again on the next show, and again, and again...I've seen it 40 times already. Can they show something else maybe?!?

What bothers me is that 2, 5, 10 years from now, when people ask, "What is the most lasting image of the Women's World Cup '99?"

EVERYBODY, including me, is going to say, “That woman revealing her black sports bra after scoring the winning goal.”


What bothers me is that I haven’t seen it!!!

By the way, in Toronto (as far as I know) it’s also legal for a woman to show her breasts.

And Drain Bead: why do you think most men will turn their heads at any boobs? Because they’ve been hidden from us always! They are considered “taboo” thanks to our stupid prudishness.

Oh, well, this is not a debate, I guess.


I think what Brandi did was a stroke of genius. Her image is burnt into the collective memories of every sports watcher across the world. She will now receive more endorsements than Mia Hamm, just watch.

Secondly, who cares. She has a great body and is a terrific athlete. If I had her body…etc

Thirdly and last, it is legal in certain parts of Maine for a woman to mow her lawn without a shirt/bra on. Maine is very progressive :slight_smile: