Culture Shock: Men play football better than women...

…and in a site dedicated to “fighting ignorance” mod-deluxe, RickJay – who, by the way, had plenty of shit to say about the Canada/US footie match – decides that I am “thread-shitting” because I disagreed with AD’s assessment of Solo’s save as “probably the best he is seen in years” with no qualification as to what he has has seen in said time. After reading his post, I merely congratulated the US on their victory and mentioned that he likely wasn’t aware of the great stops in the men’s game – which, without an ounce of misogyny, anyone can see is far superior to the woman’s game. Well then, first Lamar Mundane confirms it wasn’t a “best ever save” but rather mundane, and right after that a certain Knorf butts in to write one of the most ignorant posts I’ve read here yet – and after a decade, that’s saying something.

I then proceed to gently mock their ignorance of football in general and link to two of the best keepers of the world in action.


– underline mine.

Really? Want to talk “sexism”? “Ignorance”? Or how about both at the same time? Mayhaps chalk it up to plain butthurt hyperbole?

Right. To bed I must, and next morning I wake to this sage “yellow card” by RickJay, likely the most sagacious and knowledgeable of all football mods here. :rolleyes:

Because, of course, I was “threadshitting” while asking someone what was so unusual about the save – and being told by others that it wasn’t – other than it was made by an American in a Gold medal game. And then having to hear a bunch of ignorant crap about how woman’s football is simply ‘so much better than men’s.’


At any rate, I honestly don’t give a shit about the warning itself. I’ll proudly keep it.

The ignorance, however, is all on you – as in the ones that participated in defending such major bullshit.

In closing, I enjoy any number of women’s sports even more than I do their men’s counterparts (volleyball for one; and not the cheap beach bikini-clad cr*p) – but please, please, till you find female equivalents to say, Casillas, Messi, Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard & Albert Pujols, stay away from comparing male & female sports achievements. It’s simply ignorant in more ways than one.

Got to say I think the warning was more than a little heavy handed. NFL and College football threads frequently get a lot rowdier than that without any mod intervention, much less a formal warning.

RedFury, you were warned because you were acting like a jerk and threadshitting. The thread in question is about the Olympic soccer final, and you barged in to crap all over people enjoying a game you admit to not having watched. You were not warned for holding any particular opinion.

Your alleged knowledge of the sport in question is irrelevant, as is mine, since we don’t hand out warnings for opinions on a particular sport. You’ve been around long enough to know we have rules against threadshitting.

Oakminster, as to your point, no, they really don’t. A degree of trash talk amongst rival fans is acceptable and is, correctly, regarded as being talk limited to the context of the sport. If I say in the context of a college sports discussion that UCLA sucks and I hope their stadium burns to the ground because I’m a fan of (UCLA rival) that’s just fan talk. If, on the other hand, I entered a lively discussion of college football to state that college football is a lousy sport and people who prefer it to the NFL don’t know anything about football, that is derailing a thread and is a warning offense. If you see that sort of thing happening by all means please report it.

Rickjay your threshold for “threadshitting” appears to be amazingly low…like virtually undetectable in this instance. At best that was mild snark. If that’s the kind of call you are going to make, I hope you stay the hell out of NFL/College football threads. You’ll end up banning half the participants.

Whatever dude, I well know that your word is gold around here – as in “circle the wagons” and all that.

Doesn’t make you any less ignorant of either the topic at hand – and, if you’d like, the equally threadshitting (yet much more ignorant by a factor of ten) responses – and your itchy trigger finger BS yellow card.

Yeah. You’re The Man.


Can I get your autograph? I have plans for the paper it’s written on…

Stay classy.

Stay succinct.

Nah, I enjoy knowing who’s cognitively able to handle text longer than a cereal box top and who isn’t. But thanks for your kind concern.

If you’d been modded for your first post in the thread –

You’d probably have a point. That one was a bit sarcastic but wasn’t threadshitting. This was:

The thread was about the women’s Olympic soccer final, not a comparison of men’s vs. women’s soccer. So when you said anyone who prefers the women’s game doesn’t know the sport, you were threadshitting. Your comments in this thread make it that much clearer.

And this is not the forum to argue the comparative merits of men’s and women’s sports. You can open a Game Room thread about that, but ATMB threads need to be about moderation or the rules.

Sigh. I still disagree with the warning, but Red’s conduct in this thread makes me wish I’d just stayed out of it. Bowing out now. Carry on.

Thanks but no thanks, Marley – obvious is as obvious does. That said, what you left out out of that quote is precisely what I am arguing about in so far as moderation:

See? I was responding to said comment in the second quote. Thus if I am going to be accused of “threadshitting” for your second cite you’d have to look at the context in which I did so – meaning, as I am showing you, that it was preceded by someone else making an off-topic comment.

That said, note that I am NOT asking for the warning to be rescinded, but rather proving that it was uncalled for. If that makes me persona non grata around here just say the word. I neither beg nor crawl.

Oakminster, appreciate your comprehension on the matter at hand and understand your bowing-out due to my rather brusque ways – but I don’t feel I need to be polite to anyone who tries to lord over me just because they feel they can; nor those who think they can poke me with a stick in a thread they have zilch to do with. I am who I am, and shall remain so till my last breath.

Best always.

Get off your cross, wow.

I still fail to see how that justifies your comment about American fans and your dig at people who prefer women’s soccer.

I don’t think the warning was going to be rescinded regardless, and nobody asked you to beg. I don’t think anybody gives a damn about your pride; you’re being asked to discuss the subject at hand without gratuitous potshots at people with differing opinions.

Dude. It’s a message board thread, not the Last Stand of the 300.

I’m with you bro. Fight it out to your last breath.

Not justification needed. Snark meets snark.

Good. And I am. As for “potshots” one was taken at me and I responded in kind.

Learn something new everyday.

Much appreciated, dudette, but I am Sparta. :wink:

In order to stay on topic, that would be “crossbar,” correct?

Maybe we’ve identified the problem: nobody in the thread was snarky with you and nobody took a potshot at you until after you’d impugned the knowledge of other posters. So you were being a jerk, which is why you were warned. I’m not sure why you felt shots were being taken at you, but in the future, don’t “respond in kind.”

Don’t agree, Marley. But I’ve said my piece & unless you have something else to add, I’m done here.

I will say that although I hardly ever visit this side of the Forum, it felt good to be able to express my feelings, my way. So for that, I thank you.

Whether you’d like to leave the thread open for other opinions – favorable or not to my OP – is entirely up to you. Although I am sure I am always right, I must admit there are times where there’s is no right or wrong. Just different ways of looking at the same picture.

I’m with Redfury on this one. What a bullshit warning. If somebody in a sports thread posts something utterly stupid then you should not face a warning for pointing out that they have just talked a load of shite.

There was no need for a warning in that instance, and before people get on their high horses about Redfurys tone in this thread, just remember that for people who make genuine efforts to post within the rules of a message board, bullshit warnings can easily leave a feeling of “fuck it, whats the point”.

As someone who as also received what they consider to be a “bullshit warning” (especially since, as I later discovered, an earlier instance in a different thread of pretty much exactly the same circumstances did not even warrant a mod note), this is something I can relate to.