Brandon "Taz" Niederauer, Child Guitarist

I wouldn’t call this kid a prodigy per se, that usually seems to apply to classical music and technique, but he can play hella blues. He was on the Ellen show when he was ten, here’s him being featured at a concert in NYC with Mono Neon at Ghostnote.

Pretty cool stuff. And he’s already mastered the obligatory guitar faces.

Oh, and I just threw my guitar out the window, and get off my lawn!

Real good at what he’d doing.

Old-man faces.

Haha, he’ll be saying that with one of those faces!

Again, great talent. I’d like to see more.

I love the fact that he is improvising.

That band he is playing with is super solid, especially the bass player and the drummer.

Yeah, I picked that out :wink:

My point is that the kid is looking to say something, not replicate something.