Brass Monkey? Funky Cold Medina?

I seem to recall that a Brass Monkey is an old term for a stack of cannon balls. But my question has to do with the Brass Monkey we find in the old Beastie Boys song. Is it a drink? A shot? A mickey? A liqueur? A liquor?

Also is Funky Cold Medina something more than a catchy little ditty by Tone Loc?

I just Googled both Brass Monkey and Funky Cold Medina, and found recipes for both (as a drink & a shot), but were these named after the songs, or were the songs named after them?
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Funky Cold Medina was about a drink called the Funky Cold Medina. In fact someone in the video was pointing to a bubbling green drink as he said “Funky Cold Medina” and on “I love the 80’s” on VH1 just a little while ago, they were saying that it was something you would drink before “getting it on.” As for Brass Monkey I don’t know.

Obligatory Snopes link

(Sorry I can’t be more helpful than that.)

A dab of Google also results in a drink called a Brass Monkey - rum, vodka and OJ.

Also referenced as a beverage in a Beastie Boys song.

And a reference to a tray used for stacking cannon balls -

Snopes says otherwise.

I’ve always heard it as slang for “penis.” Which explained why the radio station I grew up listening to always had the “Brass Monkey Weather Report.” :eek:

Medina is also stinky fertilizer. Actually, that’s my ignorant term - Medina is a soil activator or something, but I don’t know how that is and is not like ordinary fertilizer.

It’s funky, it makes things grow with amazing speed and vigor…

(and it’s been around since Tone Loc was a child, at least)

Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers (DC go-go scene) sang about the funky cold medina in the early 80’s. Still wondering WTF it is.

Brass Monkey is a great drink…vodka, rum, orange juice(or orange soda) and grenadine. Tasty, but strong. You can usually find it pre-mixed in a bottle under the Club brand of very cheap drinks. Max Carnage and I both found out, to our dismay, how strong an entire bottle is. Whew.

      • I once saw a translation of popular rap expressions which said that “Medina” is a slang term for the old Moslem quarter of any large city.

Brass monkey.

Brass Monkey, the wine, is supposedly what the Beastie Boys sang about, if the grapevine (heh) in the 1980s was reliable.

By the way, I don’t understand the use of the term “brass monkey” in the wine industry. It has something to do with a season? Brass monkey season? :confused:

Maybe Medina is a playful way of saying M.D. as in Mogan David…

Let’s get some em dee, let’s get some emdy, and the the leap to medina.

Being a Londoner, we always used to say “It’s brass Monkeys out today!” meaning: it’s cold!

There’s an expression that goes “Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey”. So I guess brass monkey season would be the cold season.

i’d always understood Funky Cold Medina to be a Spanish Fly-type substance

A few [lyrics from Tone Loc (hereinafter Mr. Loc) are probably in order.

Obviously “funky cold medina” is not necessarily some form of aphrodisiac. Nor is it necessarily a drink itself–the lyrics don’t make it crystal clear as to whether it might be an additive. Mr. Loc’s description of FCM is that it’s a powerful attractant, not an aphrodisiac, or a potion intended to enhance sexual performance.

Of course, Mr. Loc could have been singing [url=“”]funky Coleman heater]( That’s something I haven’t tried in a singles bar yet.

Holy cow, did I ever mess that coding up. That’s gotta be a record for worst coding evah.