Brave New World - 1980

Firstly, can anyone recall this slightly nerdy show?

I did for the first time in about 30 years and there are several versions available on You Tube, even though it runs for three hours.

However, I am unable to find where anyone is selling a copy of the movie on DVD. Amazon doesn’t have it.

To me, it is a little strange that i can buy silent movies but not a show from 30 years ago.

My question- anyone have any idea where I could buy a DVD of this?

Don’t have an answer, just a memory of a very eighties production but one that inspired a very young Rhythmdvl to start looking into Huxley. Results as expected :smiley:

Cheesy or not, I thank the producers.

Yes- I enjoyed it. And I have had some luck. I emailed a friend who does a lot of downloading and he has already managed to make me a copy after getting it from a bit torrent site.

He says it has been copied from VHS but is very watchable. Something to watch over Christmas!

If that is the one with Leonard Nimoy, we actually watched that in English class after reading the book back in my High School days (late 80s).

Isn’t the Nemoy version from the 90s?

Definitely, I was discussing that one at work, not when I was in high school.

I’d never even heard about the 1980 one. That must be awesome to see. See, the 90’s one made a big deal about how the different classes get different quality of entertainment equipment … just at the time when MP3’s were just starting to erode the overpriced compact disk market. I 've got to see what issues current to 1980 that production highlighted. Betcha people are freebasing and snorting soma.

I disliked the 1980s version – it looked and felt as if it was made on a closed TV set production set, and didn’t feel remotely real. It felt like a TV movie, or, worse, a TV show like Buck Rogers. The scenes set on the Reservation, being filmed outdoors, wwere better, but everything was still too clean. The 1990s one was far better.

I saw it years ago, and prompted by this thread checked it out again…
It’s got more cheese than Wisconsin on Ripening Day, but an adorable Marcia Strassman is in there, fresh off her time on Welcome Back, Kotter.

Oops, I could be confusing two versions. I definitely watched the 1980 one in school though. Sorry to confuse things.

I remember the 80s one too. In my memory, it is kind of conflated with the Logan’s Run TV show. I remember a lot of jump suits and cheezy props.

A little plug for the surprisingly-good 1956 CBS radio adaptation, narrated by Huxley himself.

torrents in 2015:
[700×576] VHSrip (betamax)
[720×540] VHSrip (betamax)

watch also
(or search for “Unreal Reality”)

Yeah, they kinda frown on those kinds of links here, Futurex.
Anyway, I didn’t know there was a 1990s version. The 1980 one with Bud Cort was just silly.

If all you saw was the 1980 broadcast on NBC, you’re absolutely correct. Apparently, some network jerk thought the whole three hours would turn off the audience so they truncated it to a one night, two hour (with commercials) broadcast. I hated it for it’s bare bones approach to the story & it’s “Buck Rogers” plastic FX.

Then a few years ago I saw the WHOLE thing on Google Video taped off a BBC broadcast, and immediately acquired a DVD version, finally seeing what a work of genius it was. Yes, the acting is superficial & soulless and the sets are plastic, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT HUXLEY WAS WARNING US ABOUT! And Bud Cort IS Bernard Marx just as Keir Dullea IS Hatcheries Director Tomakin. The 1980 version of the satiric character names is great also- Lenina Crowne is renamed Lenina Disney (how did they get away with that); a minor character J. Edgar Millhouse is Director of Shredology.