Still not out on DVD

Well, this idea has been done before, but I think it’s time for another round.

What movies would you like to see released on DVD that aren’t currently available?

Personally, I’d like to have DVDs of a few small films from the 80s that I remember with some nostalgia:

[ul][li]Four Friends - Directed by Arthur Penn and written by Steve Tesich (who also wrote Breaking Away, among others). I remember liking this film but thinking that it was just a little too melodramatic. I’d like to see it again for the over-the-top wedding scene, if nothing else.[/li][li]Smooth Talk - An early role for Laura Dern and possibly the creepiest part ever played by Treat Williams. I like ambiguous endings and the little denouement at the end with Dern and Elizabeth Berridge just twists the whole movie around. Luckily, this one is due out on DVD this December.[/li]Liquid Sky - It’s goofy, pretentious and it tries too hard to be shocking, but I’d certainly buy a reasonably priced DVD to see it again (but I’m not willing to fork out $150 for a used copy).[/ul]And while I’m wishing, how about releasing the soundtrack from The Shining on CD? Krzysztof Penderecki and Wendy Carlos on the same CD? Sure, I’d buy one of those.

Not a movie, and certainly dweebish, but I’d buy copies of the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoons if they put them on DVD.

Hamlet: Kenneth Branagh’s version. What have I done so wrong that this languishes on VHS while both the Mel Gibson and Ethan Hawke version pollute DVD racks throughout America?

Has* Bringing up Baby* made it to DVD?

The Loved One

Cemetary Man

Damnation Alley. So popular on the used market that beat-up, caseless former rental VHS copies consistently fetch $50+ on ebay and the likes. Sure, it’s a goofy post-apocalyptic romp, but it’s got Jan Michael Vincent in it, and that’s got to be good for something.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. - one of the most creative, interesting, and hilarious television shows I’ve ever seen. Bruce Campbell is a huge cult figure, so why isn’t this available?

Fraggle Rock - arguably the best thing to come out of Hensen’s crew, and it remains unavailable.


As for shows: Adventures of Pete and Pete, Andy Richtor Controls the Universe, Rocko’s Modern Life, Greg the Bunny,…

That should do for now,

How about a teaser?

Can you wait until 10/19/04?

That’s when the entire series set will be released.

12 days? But I want it now!!

I want the Ripping Yarns TV series. Every episode was a gem.

And I’ll buy a copy of Branagh’s Hamlet if JDeMobray gets his/her wish.

East of Eden.

I opened this thread to post about this. I can’t believe it isn’t out. I assume it is because it would require two disks to fit the movie on and the studio doesn’t think it’s worth the release.

I’ve heard rumors that this one should be out on DVD in the near future, but then, I’ve been hearing them for a while, so I’ll believe it when I see it. But I’m with you on that.

**“The High and the Mighty” ** Old John Wayne movie (1954) not currently available on any medium (so far as I know). The Internet Movie Database message board says it will be released sometime this year.

"Let it Be" Beatles movie. In litigation/dispute thanks to Yoko Ono.

Get a region free player w/PAL-to-NTSC conversion.

Raise the Red Lantern, not on DVD although many of the same director’s works are (Ju Doh, I know, for one). And I don’t want to buy the VHS, I want to buy a DVD. Why can’t I buy DVDs of movies that are visual masterpieces? Wouldn’t that be the obvious use of the format?

Ah, but they are on DVD – in England. You can order them from, but you’ll need a region-free player to watch them.

The Dam Busters , at least a North American version of the DVD