What titles would you like to see come out on DVD?

Having seen V for Vendetta, I am curious to see the Robert Donat Count of Monte Cristo, but it isn’t on DVD.

One of my favorite movies, Yentl, is also not yet available on DVD.


The Monster Squad. I watched that movie a thousand times as a kid and I loved it. It would be nice to have just so I can make my girlfriend watch it so she gets my brother and I’s inside jokes.

The Seven-Ups. Caught part of it as an A&E morning movie and got hooked. I dig the '70s urban caper movies.

You didn’t rule out television series, did you? The Tracey Ullman Show, and Wings. The first because I never got to see many episodes, it being on cable, and it was truly excellent. The second because I never learned of the show’s existence until after I became a Tony Shalhoub fan - I hear his character is terrific on this show. Neither series, as far as I know, have yet been released on DVD.

Enchanted April and Eddie Izzard’s Sexie.

Opend the thread to name this one.

Truly one of the best of the ‘adventure kids’ genre.

If you haven’t seen it, just imagine the Goonies vs. the classic Universal monsters.
“It’s scary German guy!”

Some of these may actually be available on DVD somewhere, but I sure as hell can’t find them:


Cemetery Man


Deranged / Motel Hell


All so good, all so unavailable.

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.

The original, not messed around with/“enhanced” Star Wars

The Beatles’ “Help” and “Let It Be” (but not until they’ve synchronized the sound and picture).

I hear – just wild speculation, mind you – that there are folks on eBay who sell DVDs of the original Star Wars trilogy, lifted from the original laserdisc versions. I even hear they’re rather nice discs, too, certainly good enough for home viewing without any regrets.

Not that I’d, ah, have any firsthand knowledge of this… nonchalant whistling

Twin Peaks season 2
The Tick animated series (supposedly in the works)
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains

The complete run of http://www.sff.net/people/rothman/GBF/oncehero.htm]Once a Hero, including the unaired episodes.

Hate to tell you this, but that DVD has already been released…and gone out of print. Don’t look at the prices on ebay or Amazon Marketplace, unless you’ve got your heart medication handy.

Stuff I’m still waiting for:
1492: Conquest of Paradise
At Play in the Fields of the Lord
Blade Runner
(Theatrical version)
Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years
The Earthling
Erik the Viking
– supposed to come out this February but got CANCELLED at the last minute!!
Kiss of the Spider Woman
Lost Angels
The Other
Second Best
(1994 COA movie w/William Hurt, not the 2005 comedy)
Student Bodies
Toto le Heros
Twilight Zone: The Movie
Whore (NC-17 version, please!)

Stuff recently out, or coming soon:
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr: Complete Series – JULY 18th! WOOT!! WOOT!!
Pure (2002, Molly Parker) – also July 18th
Au Revoir, Les Enfants – came out w/Louis Malle Criterion set last month. ‘Bout freakin’ time!!
Mazes and Monsters – just now noticed it’s on Netflix. Didn’t even know it was coming!!

“A Foreign Affair,” the best Billy Wilder film you’ve never heard of. I think of it as a kind of post-War “Casablanca” (though the ending is a bit less satisfying). Annoyingly, it’s on DVD in Europe, but not the US. Great movie, though – write your congressman.

Oops, forgot a couple critical wantlist items:
DUCKMAN – complete TV series

[EMAIL=http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102015/]Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse , the documentary about the making of Apocalypse Now.

Kevin Brownlow’s brilliant documentary series Hollywood, the best-ever overview of silent movies, filmed when a lot of the participants were still alive . . . But I understand that copyright problems make it unlikely it will ever be out on DVD, dammit.

What??? Bastards!


Not that I would really check something like that out… hmmm… but for scientific curiosity… y’know and all that…

(sound of running feet, door slamming, “going to ebay, dear, be right back…”).
yes, I know it’s a website.