Brazilian site similar to SDMB?

My subject line pretty much says it all.

Brazilian Portuguese is my second language and I consider myself around 80-85% fluent.

I figured it would be interesting, educational, fun, and helpful to my Portuguese, if I could find a general discussion website similar to the Straight Dope, with many intelligent posters, but Brazilian.

Que pena…

It’s all in English :frowning:

Did you check They list about 13 Portuguese boards. I don’t know if any are anything like SDMB.

Page down about halfway:

I’m not sure what you are pointing to; I scrolled all over the place and saw nothing but wall-to-wall pharmacy spam.

I even tried clicking on the next several pages and saw nothing but spam entries. Am I being wooshed here?

I don’t read/speak Portuguese, so I didn’t look at the forum closely. It really doesn’t matter, as it seems the forum is not very active now that I looked a little closer ( it looks like the most recent post is several months old), but it IS a general discussion board (like here) rather than a specific topic one. So, never mind.