Break != Brake

Please, people, it’s not that difficult. Brakes are what you use to stop your car; breaks is what happens to it when the brakes fail and you hit something with the car!

I used to sometimes read the newsgroup and “break” was used incorrectly more often than not. I still read a few of the rec.aviation.* newsgroups and it’s nearly as common there.

That’s disappointing, no doubt. After all if you’re going to discuss nearly any kind of motor vehicle it seems like a minimal amount of effort would teach you the difference between “break” and “brake”.

But now I’ve seen it right here on this very message board! I come here expecting a higher standard than what we see from the general public! Instead, now my fragile belief in humanity has been crushed!

(Sorry, forgot to do any cursing in this pit post: darn!)

I made this misteak :smiley: in a recent GD thread. It happens. I am fully aware of the difference. Unfortunately, I am not above making grammatical errors from time to time. That doesn’t mean I don’t know the difference.

Still got a problem with that? Lick my shithole and call it ice cream.

Now an honest mistake I can accept. We all make them (except, of course, Cecil). I once used “your” in a letter to my mother when I really meant “you’re”, and I know and understand the difference between them.

But there are those who Just Don’t Get It. I once read a post to the newsgroup that contained the following: ‘what would cause my breaks to break like that?’. I’m quite sure this poster had no idea there was anything at all wrong with that sentence.

I really suck at this pit thing. I promise to be more insulting in the future.

BTW, I think “Lick my shithole and call it ice cream” was a failed Ben and Jerry’s flavor…

I know the difference, but I always appreciate a reminder thread on grammatical subjects.

I think I’m going to take a coffee brake now. hee hee

Dammit fuck.

You’re telling me! I was one of the ones who tasted the prototype…

mouthbreather, that should be, “Your telling me!”, of course.


“Lick my shithole”?

For some people that would be a French-kiss!

Kiss a French person??? What kind of sicko are you?

Before kissing a French person, be sure to apply the breaks.