break on through to the other side

the cord goes in my gut,
at birth it will be tied.
question one through question five
what the fu’s on the otha side?

  1. what is on the other side of my belly button?

  2. what used to be back there?

  3. did my heart beat while i was still getting blood from the placenta?

  4. if i unravel all those little radial wrinkles in my belly button, will i deflate?

  5. aren’t you glad the rhyme wasn’t ‘twelve’?

1)Scar tissue, just like the front.

2)The rest of the cord that brough nutrients to your body.

3)Not at first, but eventually it did. In the later weeks.


5)Ummm I dont get it…

  1. dur. but what was it (an artery?) and where did it go to in my body?

Kinda, it is like a conduit containing two arteries and a vein. They connect the baby to the mommies circulatory system and circulate oxygen and nutrients through its body. It is manly connected to the liver and kidneys I believe.

Ooops forgot your other question…

“Where did it go”
Your body absorbed it on the inside, and it dried and fell off on the outside…

You start unraveling it. The rest of us are praying fervently that you piss off like a balloon. Of course I mean that in a nice way, jb… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes, I AM glad it wasn’t twelve.
“Man experiences explosive big bang, then deflates”

du bist ein booger!

I still don’t get it…

Hey, don’t try that Mexican talk on me. I know what it means, and I’ll have you know that no one in my family EVER did such a thing! Maybe a few hosses was stump-broke down the line, but that’s about it.

let’s just say that if morrison had been more obsevvive-compulsive and the original lyrics had been

try to clean, try to shelve,
break on through to the other- oh my god, did i check that the oven was off myself?

then we would have had to suffer through a lot of my jack-assishness.

I have always thought of you more as a Jackass concerned with quality; not a Jackass concerned with quantity.

There is a “primitive” heart beating at six weeks. The heart is made up of autonomic cells that beat early on. The placenta begins funstioning at 5 weeks.

Pregnant women’s navels sometimes turn completely inside-out. It looks, as Roseanne Barr put it, like a pop-up turkey thermometer. So you won’t deflate.

wow. hey, why didn’t evolution think of that? a pop-up timer! that’s so much easier to tell then ‘contractions’, or ‘cervical dilation’. man, i would love my little baby and name him “stuffing”. hopefully i would not try to eat him when i’m drunk.

Well, it’s supposed to get absorbed on the inside. I had an emergency laparotomy which found a Meckel’s diverticulum. A Meckel’s is a pouch on the side of the colon that is a remnant of the original umbilical cord–it ruptured and I had internal bleeding.

So, the umbilical conduit might also take material from the mother to the colon. To give the baby practice, I guess. Maybe that’s where meconium comes from.

i’d always supposed meconium was digested amniotic fluid…

or the Zepp tribute album.