inside the bellybutton

What exactly happens to the blood vessels on the inside of the belly button after we are born. The ones that connected us to mom. Are/were they big, small; did they connect to any specific vein or artery. I wouldn’t think they are used after birth, did they just go away?

I think they do. Just from memory, but I believe they just sort of shrink away. They are also connected to the liver I believe. Just a guess but I think the liver connection is to act as defence for the baby incase mommy eats something poisoness and it gets in her blood (what might make mommy sick could kill baby). I’m not a doctor though so hopefully someone will be along to confirm or call bull crap on this post.

The umbilical cord has a large vein and artery. It’s connected to the placenta in the mother, and to vessels in the baby that close after birth. The fetal circulation basicly bypasses the baby’s lungs, since breathing underwater isn’t in our genes,
Once the baby starts breathing, the pressure in the chest cavity changes. Over the next week or so the fetal circulation closes completely. On rare occasions the fetal circulation doesn’t close, and must be repaired surgically.

I’m no spring chicken. Every once in a while, maybe a few years apart I have had a very disturbing feeling as if 10,000 devils were tugging on a rope tied to the inside of my navel. Very uncomfortable but lasted only a short time, went away. It didn’t happen again for one or more years.

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