Breakfast Burritos--what's in yours?

I’m curious to hear what people like in their breakfast burritos.

Egg, chorizo, diced potato, cheese, salsa.

Scrambled eggs, onions, potatos and salsa.

How do you like them cooked?

Raw or sauteed?

Parboiled then fried.

1.) Fried potatos, sauted onions and peppers, sausage, little shredded cheddar.

2.) Chorizo and egg.

3.) Refried beans and cheese.

  1. scrambled eggs, french fries, sausage, salsa, sour cream.

  2. refried beans, cheese and sour cream. (but that’s my go to burrito and I’d eat it anytime of day or night.

  1. Bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, fried potatoes, onions, peppers, a bunch of hot sauce
  2. Beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, onions, peppers and a bunch of hot sauce
  3. Chorizo, scrambled eggs, cheese, peppers and onions, a bunch of hot sauce

Onions and peppers should be raw; tortilla should be homemade, hot sauce should be hot, cheese should be plentiful.

Damn I’m hungry.

I must be the only person alive who can’t fucking stand potatoes in a breakfast burrito, as EVERY. SINGLE. PLACE. in the world seems to add them as a matter of course, and when I carefully explain that I want refried beans (or black beans, depending on where I am at) INSTEAD of the potatoes, about 1/2 of the time they smile, tell me cheerfully, “No problem!” and then proceed to add a huge scoop of fried potatoes ON TOP of the aforementioned beans…:smack:

For the record, a perfect breakfast burrito consists of refried beans, scrambled egg, loads of cheese, fried onion and peppers and red enchilada sauce, then fresh pico added upon eating. (If I am making one at home, often I will add veggie sausage).

There is a place that I go to often who by now knows my deal, and they make me a custom breakfast burrito that is as good as anything I have ever eaten at a “fast-food” place anywhere on Earth. Food of the Gods, without question…

In college there was a place within walking distance that made the most kickass breakfast burritos, fresh made with fried eggs and local ingredients and meat ground in-house. I always got egg, chorizo, diced potatoes (fried crispy), refried beans, and habanero salsa. Five bucks. So good.

French fries?

Chorizo and egg, with cilanro of course.

Bacon, egg, cheese and potato.

Home fries (small cube shapes) but cooked enough to be crispy.

I don’t feel quite as strongly as you, but, I prefer no potatoes in my breakfast burrito. For that matter, I’m not crazy about potatoes of any style as a breakfast food.

Half of an “Al Fresco” brand chicken sausage (jalapeno flavored)
Some pickled jalapeno slices
An egg that I “scramble” by adding it to the pan after the sausage pieces (and jalapenos) have been cooked - I just crack the egg in and stir it all together
A bit of Newman’s Own corn & black bean salsa
Rolled up in an Ezekiel Bread wrap, or a Flat-Out wrap

Sometimes I have this as part of a lunch on the weekend.

scrambled eggs, with little bits of chorizo, shredded cheddar, diced onions, and a line of salsa then roll it up and eat it.

No spuds in mine. I cut up bacon on a bias cut, season it with chili spices and fry it up. Then dump eggs into a pan with some butter. When they start to set, I add a dollop of cream cheese to the pan and dice it in. Meanwhile, heat up a pan to very hot and throw a flour tort in to get brownish and puffy. Remove the tort, scoop some eggs into it, add some of the chopped, fried bacon and some diced cilantro, some hot sauce, roll it up and DAMN, but that’s some good eats.

  1. Hash brown potatoes, scrambled egg, shredded cheddar cheese, diced raw onion, pico de gallo, sriracha. Sometimes pickled jalapeño slices and sour cream.

  2. Hash brown potatoes, scrambled eggs, flour/pepper gravy.

Soy chorizo, egg whites, corn, quinoa, fat-free cheddar and mozzarella, black beans. Delicious!