Mmmmm...breakfast burritos...mmmm

We just finished a couple of these this morning. We make them quite often. They’re just so satisfyingly spicy and creamy at the same time. Here’s mine; show me yours.

Beat with a fork:
3 eggs
pinch of salt
2 tsp Mexican oregano

Heat a bit of olive oil in a saute pan. Place four strips of bacon in the pan and season with chili powder and Cajun spice (sounds odd, but really works well together). Saute the bacon until crisp and slightly blackened from the Cajun spices. Remove and drain.

In a separate pan, heat a small amount of butter on medium heat. Add the egg mixture and cook, stirring occasionally until the eggs start to set. Add a couple of generous dollops of reduced fat creme cheese (I use the stuff that comes in a tub and says “1/3 less fat” on the front, as it combines more easily with the eggs) and dice it into the eggs. Finish cooking the eggs, but don’t overcook.

Break the bacon up and place into two 6-8" tortillas that have been heated (I use the Jenn-Air to grill them, but toasted lightly in a pan works also). Add the egg mixture and garnish with cilantro, if desired. Add Tapatio or Louisiana hot sauce. Roll up and bite into heaven.

I tend to make breakfast burritos when A) I have flour tortillas (I only have corn at the moment); and B) when I don’t feel like cooking. So they tend to be about as simple as they can be and still be a ‘breakfast burrito’.

For a large BB, I fry up four rashers of bacon and two eggs (medium – whites set and runny yolks) and shred some cheddar cheese. Smear a little Vegemite on the tortilla, add the eggs, bacon and cheese, a few dashes of Tabasco, and I’m done.

I do these at least once a week

6 eggs scrambled fluffy
12 links of breakfast sausage,
~1/2 cup shredded mexican cheese (cojack, or taco cheese blend, or what ever I have)
4 large flour tortillas
Salsa to taste

cut sausage links in half, and fry up
Scramble eggs
heat 12" cast iron skillet in oven at 200 degrees

briefly warm tortilla in skillet
sprinkle ~2 tbsp cheese, 1/4 of eggs, 6 half links and Salsa to taste in tortilla and roll it up. It’s warm gooey kitchen love you can eat from your hand.

I use scrambled eggs, finely diced potatoes, chorizo, cheddar cheese and Cholula sauce. Best breakfast food ever.

Mmm… Chorizo!

But try finding it with any kick to it up here. :frowning:

I eat a version of them for dinner at least once a month.

Two eggs, scrambled. (about 1 per burrito)
chicken breast, cooked and torn up (not chopped)
Taco sauce
Mexican cheese blend
Sour cream


We had “egg enchiladas” this morning:

Briefly fry corn tortillas in a little skillet, then dip them in enchilada sauce - canned is fine. I used Las Palmas green enchilada sauce today. Fold the sauced tortillas in half, place them on an oiled cookie sheet, top with a little more sauce and bake them for a few minutes in a slow oven to get them tender and melty. While this is going on, make a couple of sunny-side up eggs in the still-warm skillet. Crumble some cotijo cheese on the enchiladas, then serve them on a plate and place the egg next to them or on top of them.

Burst the egg yolk and let it mingle unashamedly with the soft saucy tortillas and eat. Serve with a little tomato salsa on the side, if you have it.

What’s so great about these is that there are an infinite variety of ways to make them, most of them good. Oddly enough, I’ve never had a good one in a restaurant, as they tend to go bland with them. I like the spice.

The best BBs were from a catering truck (aka ‘roach coach’) run by a Filipina and her daughters back in the late-'80s. For two dollars you’d get a BB with scrambles eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, and cheese. I’d also put some of those jalapeño carrot chips and Vegemite in them. Man, they were good! I’ve never had any as good as she made them, even when I’ve made them myself.

Theres a place here in downtown SLC that makes a mighty tasty breakfast burrito, with scrambled egg, beans, tons of cheese and enchalada sauce (also ham, bacon or sausage if desired)…
Its a 24 hour place, and after a few beers, it’s the perfect late night move!!!


Yes, the best ones I’ve ever had were from a cart in a Home Depot parking lot in North Boulder. I used to work across the street and would go there a couple of times a week.

Why is it that those catering trucks often have the best grub?

My wife got hooked on them in San Francisco when she lived on Potrero Hill. There was a tiny eatery that made them fresh. I’d never had one until she made them for me.

Austin is the mecca for breakfast tacos. I have never had one here that was short of divine. My absolute favorites are the ones filled with migas.

It’s a good thing tomorrow’s Sunday. I think I’ll need to get brunch.

Tino’s Breakfast Burritos

1 Whole “Link” of Chorizo deskinned
1 lb. package of Jimmy Dean or Bob Evans sausage
1 onion
1 Green Pepper
6 Jalapenos
1 Dozen Eggs
1 package of shredded Cheddar
1 package of flour tortillas
La Victoria Salsa
Favorite hot sauce

Fry the meats and veg in the butter till browned, add the lightly beaten eggs and scramble. Pile in a lightly steamed or singed flour tortilla, top with cheese, salsa, and hot sauce. Roll. Eat.

Thanks for the link. I’m going to have to try the migas, as they sound terrific.