Breakfast in Manhatten - any recommendations?

I’ve been in NYC for 22 hours now, and loving every minute! :smiley:

Was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a good spot to have breakfast as we’ll have a leisurely start to the day tomorrow. We’re on West 45th Street, near 7th between 5th and 6th Avenue.

Sarabeth’s is popular. They have a bunch of locations. One shouldn’t be too far… www.sarabeth. com

My current favorite is a charming Belgian place called Petite Abeille (Little Bee).

I’ve been to the one on E. 20, but the one on W 17 is a short cab (or bus) ride down Fifth from you.


Go to Chinatown and do a dim sum brunch. The waitresses wheel carts full of food around, you point at whatever you want, and they give it to you. Adventurous, different, and usually very tasty.

My favorite place for this is upstairs from a shopping mall under a bridge, and virtually impossible to give directions to. But maybe some other NYC dopers (or an NYC eating website) will have recommendations.

I like that place too, although actually I’ve never been for breakfast. Wednesday nights is all you can eat Mussels and a Stella for $23!

Sorry, I got distracted. :slight_smile:

Ess-a-Bagel, 3rd ave & 51st, is one of the quintessential New York bagel shops.

Nitpick - It’s Manhattan. Not “ten” but “tan.” Sorry, small thing but it bugs me.

Bis Co Latte on 10th Ave & 47th Street is terrific. It is very pricey though (fair warning.)

I was going to say Veselka, but that’s EV, not very good, but good mural on the wall. Just do like everyone else does, grab a bagel and some shmear, a coffee to go, and get to business.

I somewhat agree with above, though I don’t remember the name “L’abeille” – but there’s loads of places in Chelsea where you can get a giant mug of coffee, and some good pastry. For good, you’ll have to walk down a 0.5 mi or up again, is my recollection (from midtown ETA).

Also ETA – grab a muffin and some coffee, and wait 'til lunch for some crazy-ass pastrami sandwich or whatever you want. Or some blocks down in WV (maybe 20), go to a Cuban-Chinese diner and see if (a) they’re open and (b) if you want to chow some of what they want you to eat for breakfast.

Had brunch there this week. I can highly recommend it.

There’s a Pain Quotidien on 50th betw 6th & 7th. That’s a Belgian chain of coffee/bakery/breakfasty/lunchy shops, it’s nice but not too New Yorkish I guess.

Le Pain is nice, and different, but not very New York. I think of it as an LA place (my former home town) even though it isn’t any more Los Angeles than it is NYC. But it’s good for a nice casual quick sit down breakfast. Their baked goods, as you would guess, are fantastic. As are their jams and spreads.

I’m prejudiced. I was in NYC for a week every December between 1977-1991. Always had breakfast at the Carnegie Deli. But, it’s expensive and not to every one’s taste.

I ordered a fresh squeezed OJ, then the corned beef hash. You can’t eat it all. But, it’s the best I"ve ever had. But, read the menu, order what you like.

Can’t believe I forgot to mention this!

A quibble, though. It’s not “one of the quintessential New York bagel shops.” It’s the best damn bagels you’ll ever eat in your life. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Heavy as hell, yet somehow fluffy. And often you’ll be buying them hot out of the oven.

Sadly, though, you can’t take them home with you (if home is out of town). Grab a table at the restaurant, take them back to the hotel, or find a sunny park bench, but eat them quickly. After a couple of hours, they’re almost inedible.

Well?? Were did you go?

I cant believe nobody mentioned Tiffany’s.

Carnegie Deli, cough It ended up being more of a brunch than a breakfast!

There’s still breakfast tomorrow though. :slight_smile:

Ess-a-Bagel is the best name for a Jewish style bagel place I’ve ever heard! Next time we’re in NYC I’ve got to check it out!

My dad’s joke: Why does Superman want you to eat your dinner? His costume has an “ess” on it!

ess is Yiddish for eat

I did that once. As I recall, I kinda liked it. Both of us did, for that matter.

Ess-a-bagel is pretty good, even very good. It’s probably the best bagel place in Manhattan. Personally, I’ve had better.

If you really want an experience go down to Kossar’s bialys. The bialy is a near relative of the bagel which is even more greatly misunderstood by the bread making masses. They aren’t glossy or crusty and the hole doesn’t go all the way through. The dough is more lofty, with holes, than a bagel (which should be dense and uniform). mmmmm, Kossar’s.

Does the “cough” mean you weren’t happy with it, the price was staggering, or that you decided on more brunch stuff rather than breakfast things. :slight_smile:

On the corner of West 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, there’s a delightful little bistro called McDonald’s Restaurant that has an interesting twist on Eggs Benedict. They actually turn it into a sandwich.