Breakfast restaurant - ideas for name

Ma and I are in the exploratory phases of opening a restaurant, including all of the boring background crap (financials, finding a location, getting tax number, sourcing ingredients, etc.) We have the experience, we have the recipes, we know all the important things (inventory control, tax considerations, blah, blah, blah.) We’re probably at least six months out, maybe longer, before we consider opening our doors, but it would be nice to have a memorable name, so I turn to the most creative group I know for some help.

The restaurant will be built around a limited concept: biscuits. Ma’s biscuits, to be specific. (They’re amazing. Seriously. I’ve never tasted better. And it’s not just me: years ago, when Ma worked for the local university’s food service, she added biscuits to her cafe’s menu. Students lined up for them. There were near-riots if Ma was on vacation and HER biscuits weren’t on the menu.) Plain/buttered biscuits, biscuit sandwiches (eggs, cheese, bacon/sausage/ham sourced from my cousin’s farm. Naturally, there will be a few other menu items - I’m experimenting with a hot breakfast soup that, frankly, I’d have adored when I was that college kid needing something substantial after bar-close - but biscuits will be the central offering.

We need a name. College town. Biscuit restaurant. Counter service/carryout/fast food-ish. As southern as sweet tea and grits. Go! (And thanks!)

Ma’s Biscuits seems the obvious choice.

Eczema Benedict

Flour Garden

G.B.D. (for “Golden Brown and Delicious”)
Twice Cooked

Don’t forget the biscuit sandwich with spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, sausage, eggs and spam. :smiley:

On a Biscuit.

The Biscuit Nook
Biscuit Castle
The Biscuit Barn

Pretty imaginative, I know.

Si, Biscuit.

Here are my ideas, from best to worst:

Miss Biscuit

Hello Biscuits

The Happy Biscuit

Tasty Biscuits

Quick Biscuit

Biscuit Mama

Biscuit Lady

Madame Biscuit

Be my Biscuit

Oh Biscuit, Oh Biscuit!

Biscuit Kiss

The Morning Biscuit

The Daily Biscuit

Sunshine Biscuits

Sweet Magnolia Biscuit

Happy Happy Biscuits

Mmmn, Biscuits

The Sunshine Biscuit Factory

Super Happy Fun Executive Royal Biscuit

I’m pondering, and some of these are awfully good ideas. Just had a notion to throw into the brainstorm pile - “Y’all Come Back Inn.”

It shall be called: The Biscuit Basket. And all the college kids will shorten it to just “the Basket”.

I suggest adding a sadomasochistic theme: Gimp Biscuit.

It puts the biscuit in the basket.

Next brainstorm: the restaurant will be located in the city of Statesboro. Everyone around here knows the song Statesboro Blues. We could call it Wake Up Mama’s. Our hot beverage offerings could be titled “Statesboro Brews.” (I’m honestly surprised that no one’s opened a bar by that name!)


Saint Biscuits - Closer to Heaven.

3 Bs - Blues, Brews and Biscuits.

In my experience, the cuter the name, the worse the food.

I think Ma’s Biscuits is a great name. Homey feel. Not corny. I’d check out a place named that.

You may have a point. I love clever and punny names, but how often do I eat at those restaurants?

Beat me to it!

And the color scheme should be “green and yellow…”