Breaking Bad 4.01 "Box Cutter" 7/17

Over a year we’ve waited, and it’s finally back tonight.

Episode threads are assumed to have unboxed spoilers, right? If not, [SPOILERS]. There. I absolve you of using boxes.

We left off with Jesse killing Gale*, the only other person who could run the meth lab, making Walt indespensible to Gus for the moment. Which will create quite a tense situation of cat and also cat. Victor very well may find Jesse at the crime scene, and while they may have to let Walt live for the immediate future, they will have no reason to hold off on Jesse.

Well, if you’re reading this thread, you should know what’s going on, so I won’t summarize the whole thing. I’d recommend rewatching the last two episodes of season 3 today if you have the DVDs handy to get yourself ready.

*And he did kill him. No doubt. If Gale turns up alive, I’m gonna burn the whole motherfucking thing down.

can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait

Yeah, I’m normally not the sort of person to anticipate something, but damn I’ve been anxious for over a year for this.

Heh, I’m watching an old rerun of The Wire that has the guy who plays Gale in it. Maybe it’s a sign, and he lives afterall!



Holy crap - Gus is not to be trifled with.

Okay, so it’s 9:50 (as in, 10 minutes before the show ends), and I’m going to hazard a guess that this silent Gus scene was his way of saying “Do whatever the hell you want amongst yourself…just don’t get seen doing it.”

And to think before I saw this thread I was going to watch The Marriage Ref.
Another tragedy prevented thanks to the dope.


Oddly enough, I noticed the jeans first, then I noticed they were both wearing the same jeans, but didn’t think much of it other then someone being lazy in wardrobe. Then I was trying to figure out who was on Walter’s shirt, but wasn’t trying to hard and a few minutes later they showed it again and I was thinking “Wait, I thought I was looking at Walter…oooh, they’re both wearing the same thing.”

Just finished watching the episode, and I’ve got one question.

What’s the glass eye about? I’ve seen it in an earlier episode, but it was equally mysterious then. (I might have missed the time it was explained.)

A pretty sloppy episode, all things considered. It didn’t really cohere into anything worthwhile, and the opening with Gale and Gus, while interesting, didn’t really add much to the rest of the episode. Incidentally, one of the reviewers claimed that we’d find out who was responsible for the laboratory, which lead me to believe that they’d be introducing a major character or plot development. We already knew that Gus had Gale help him build the lab. It was mentioned in S3.

I don’t know. Maybe it’ll sit better after I’ve let it digest.

Oh yeah, and in the anticipation thread, I totally pegged that Victor was going to die. I was all but certain within fifteen minutes of the beginning of this episode, when Victor was saying more than he had in all the previous seasons combined.

It’s a piece of debris from the airplane collision at the end of S2. Walt found it floating in the pool, and I guess he’s been keeping it as a memento mori, or whatever.

Underwhelming episode unfortunately. Very little forward progression of the story in this one. Kind of disappointed.

I haven’t read any other comments yet, I just needed to come in here and say:

That was the most amazing, intense, flawless, brilliant hour of series television ever.


What was intense about it? Did you really believe Gus would kill walt or Jesse? I think I was underwhelmed because we barely heard from Jesse the last half of season 3 and he still didn’t say anything this episode.

Great episode. I don’t understand this need for plot development. Good TV is always good TV.

The scene with Gale in the beginning was the show messing with everyone who thought Gale was still alive.

Everyone was waiting to see what Gus would do and the show drained every ounce of tension that they could from the wait. Then ended with a neat payoff.

I’m glad this show is back.

I was hoping the episode would be named “G.I.D.” in the same vein as “I.F.T.”

I haven’t been following all that closely - can you give me a spoiler box with an explanation?