Breaking Bad 5.01 "Live Free or Die" 7/15/12

It’s back. We get an 8 episode run which they’re basically calling Season 5 Part 1, and the other 8 next year.

Open spoilers for this episode and all the previous episodes, as per the normal episode discussion thread policy.

Dish network is in a dispute with AMC, but if you’re a Dish customer, AMC will allow you to stream the first episode live.

Not much to say. This is awesome. I’m pumped. Let’s see where this goes.

I hope “next year” just means [preferably very soon] after New Years Day and not next summer.

FYI, Wikipedia says the last eight episodes air next summer.

I just read on a torrent site that Gilligan has discussed the possibility of post-series feature films. I’m certainly down with that idea.

I always assumed (not a spoiler because it hasn’t come from Gilligan, though Bryan Cranston has said it was his assumption) that the series would end with Walt’s death.

I think Hank will have to turn bad, then try to redeem himself before Walt kills him.

As far as I’m aware, nobody from AMC or the show’s production has said anything about when the last half of the season would air. People assume, naturally, that it’s going to air next summer, but there’s not much to support that assumption.

On the other hand, they’ll be shooting the final eight episodes this winter, which is several months earlier than they’ve shot their past seasons. With that in mind, I’m holding out hope that we’ll see the beginning of the end sometime this spring.

We’ve all assumed that. It seems almost a given. But the quote I read said that Gilligan said something to the effect that “now we just have too much story to tell.” However you slice it, our answer will be a long time coming.

So we don’t know whether we’ll have an 8 episode DVD or a 16 episode DVD for the final season?

“Live free or die” is the state motto of New Hampshire. Do you think there’s any NH connection to the episode?

Maybe it’s more literal in some way, like “Face Off” was.

“It’s the universal symbol for keys.”


Thirty minutes in and I can absolutely say…
…God damned, but I have missed this show.


Ted’s NOT dead!!


Thank God AMC is offering this live stream…go to Hell, Dish! :mad:

“Because I say so.”

What was in the bag that Saul had? I couldn’t make it out.

The cigarette.

The cigarette.

Was the Skyler hug reminiscent of Michael and Fredo to anyone else?

Now, why is Saul holding onto that?? Surely it should be flushed, post haste.

Well, at least it’s now resolved that Saul’s bodyguard *did indeed *lift Jesse’s cigs when he was frisking him.