Breaking Bad 5.03 "Hazard Pay" 7/29/12

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They’re gonna wind up at the car wash.

ETA: Or not?

That actually seems to be a pretty damn good plan with the tenting houses.

Wait, what was the point of Walt’s last comment, about Victor flying too high and getting his throat cut? Was that an implied threat to Mike? I know that Walt was pissed that he had to share so much of his money with the previous nine employees, the mules, etc.

Also, I liked the maturity that Jesse displayed in this episode. I kind of understand now why Walt was such a hardass to him when Jesse was a student; because Walt recognized that Jesse was capable of more than just being a fuck-up.


Jesse is now definitely Walter’s son. Jesse had the whole plan set up with regards how to get all the stuff packed and Walter did not say it was bad or stupid, he actually complimented him. That combined with their man-to-man talk while at Jesse’s house has me even more convinced than before that Jesse is definitely Walter’s new son.

Though it did make me sad in the end that Walter interrupted Jesse at the end when he was saying he broke it off with Andea.

Walt’s last comment about Victor has me scared as allfuck for Mike. Mike’s a competent guy and everything, but when it comes down to a war between him and Walt, the smart money is on Walt. Dude is way too cunning and ruthless.

Plus, he’s got ricin.

Yeah, that comment about Victor was definitely aimed at Mike.

I was waiting for Brock to show some kind of recognition of Walt when they were on the couch, while I didn’t see any from Brock, the look Walk gave Brock was a bit chilling.

I thought it was aimed straight at Jesse. Since Victor knew how to cook meth on his own, he might have eventually decided that he didn’t need Gus anymore. His knowledge would have been crazy valuable to someone trying to compete with Gus, or he could have tried to go into business for himself. Walt wonders if this is why Gus offed him.

Jesse has really stepped up lately, showing some serious initiative and smarts and going so far as to break off his relationship for the sake of the business. Walt has worked hard to build Jesse’s loyalty, but with the increasing scrutiny and Walt’s increasing paranoia, he has to be worried that Jesse might get to a point where he doesn’t need him anymore.

The conversation they had in the house? Walt was manipulating him into breaking up with Andrea (the implication that he would have to tell her everything, including the guys he killed – implied, not stated explicitly) to get Jesse out of Brock’s vicinity.

I think it was Mike. He started that conversation asking Jessie what he thought about the amount of money they made. I took the part about Victor “taking liberties that weren’t his to take” as Mike’s “Legacy cost”

The thing that didn’t make much sense to me was Mike insinuating that “his guys” would have to be paid in perpetuity just to keep their mouths shut. They should be paid only until the money that was seized is repaid, and then they either get cut off or work for the new organization.

Mike telling Walt that these people need to be paid forever for nothing was stupid and might as well be an invitation for Walt to off him to get rid of the dead weight once everything is set up and running smoothly.

I don’t know how I missed that. :smack:

What do you think was going through Walt’s mind when they were entering the house for the first time and the guy (Todd?) stopped him to tell him there was a nanny cam but he disabled it. He simply asked his name and turned away.

Is Skyler headed for state’s witness? It would seem that with this much stress, she’s either going to bolt or she’s going to flip, or else Walt is going to decide she’s too big a liability. He needs to bring her back down to earth somehow.

I don’t like the tent labs. Is Todd always going to find the nanny cams? No homeowner is going to forget something on that checklist and insist on going inside? Why did they leave the inside tent set up? The pest people are going to take it down?

Loved Skyler’s breakdown. Anna Gunn nailed that. And who hasn’t wanted to tell Marie to shut up! What will Skyler’s reaction be when Marie tells her what Walt said, about Beneke? Walt is doing nothing to get back in Skyler’s good graces, or allay her fear. All he has to do is stay away, let her alone, forever. But he won’t.

What will happen first? One of the nine will talk, or Skyler will?

Oh yeh, Walt was in full-on manipulation mode with Jesse. He realized Brock might speak up and reveal a detail that might raise suspicions to Jesse about Walt poisoning him.

Butter him up first, act natural and happy the he’s found someone, then bring in the bubble-burster about relationships and honesty.

It became especially clear Walt really didn’t give a shit, at the end when Jesse mentioned breaking it off with her and Brock. He totally shirked it off and was like, “no stupid, i meant about the money.”

Has for the Victor interpretation, it was a threat for sure, that he’ll make an example out of anyone that tries to squeeze him out.

He’s really seeing himself as untouchable and as coldly ruthless as Gus was, if not more so. I think this was the first time Jesse is starting to see the cracks in Walters ego, which will have him start to really question Walt’s sincerity, motives and rationale.

The pest tenting operation was brilliant. Also, Walt and Mike need work on their communication skills as to the finer points of the operation and overhead/hazard pay before hand. It would’ve made payday far less awkward, especially for poor Jesse.

I actually thought it was a peek at the old Walt we knew and loved. He has a soft spot for the conscientious type.

I wonder if he’ll start folding Todd in on certain things.

In case you were wondering: Skinny Pete was playing Solfeggio in C Minor by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, which is the last piece in the last lesson book of Alfred’s Basic Piano Course. Many a teenager has wrestled with that one at the end of many years of piano lessons.

I think Walt saw that he was smart and could be somewhat useful in the future. He was also the one who knew what Mike was meaning when Mike said that everything will remain exactly the same except for one detail- no more stealing. Walt doesn’t need Todd for anything yet, but I think just wanted to make a note of his name and might keep an eye on him to maybe use in the future.

I agree with the others that the discussion at the end was mainly Walt thinking of taking Mike out. Which just shows that Walt has gone full crazy. Because while I could definitely see Walt being able to kill Mike, Walt doesn’t know the business like Mike does. Walt would not be able to keep the distribution going without having major problems. And without Mike the cleaner around to clean up problems, things would start going way wrong for Walt.