Breaking Bad 5.06 "Buyout" 8/19/12

Episode 5.01: “Live Free or Die”
Episode 5.02: “Madrigal”
Episode 5.03: “Hazard Pay”
Episode 5.04: “Fifty One”
Episode 5.05 “Dead Freight”

Man, Jesse’s sense of awkwardness during that dinner scene was cracking me up. Brilliant acting!

Look’s like shit’s about to get real! You think Walt is going to partner up with that other crew?

Walt is lucky Mike didn’t just shoot him on sight. It would have been far wiser to talk to Mike by phone, from a safe distance.

And I’m not clear on what the new plan is. What did Jesse say, frantically, in the last scene?

(Of course I’ll be watching the encore broadcast anyway. I should just be patient and listen to it again.)

Basically that Walt had a way that Mike could get his $5m and Walt gets his methylamine. Mike wasn’t going to shoot him right on the spot, for all Mike knows no one else in the world (literally) knows where the methylamine was moved. I have a suspicion that temporary restraining order against the DEA was to give Mike a window to skip town permanently with his 5m. So Mike really needs that methylamine right now.

If Mike wanted to skip town permanently, he could just shake his tails and do so. He just wanted them off his back so he could take care of the business of liquidating the methylamine and wrapping up all the other open business, like paying off the nine people they’ve been paying hush money to.

That too, but more importantly, it gives Mike time to take care of making the transfer of this giant tank of liquid without being watched.

I assume Walt’s plan is just to make $10m worth of meth, sell it, give each of them $5m and send them on their way but try to convince them, or at least Jesse to stick around.

From the POV of the people who work on/own the show/advertise on the show, there’s no way they would let Jesse be written off the show this early. He’s not going anywhere.

That’s why I said “with his $5m” Mike can’t just conjure up $5m. If he kills Walt, that is gone forever and most likely any shot he ever has at getting out of the “life” with that sort of dough.

Did anyone else notice that when they showed that note that Mike left for the cops tailing him, the network actually blurred the “uc” in “Fuck you”? As if someone watching this very dark series might be offended at the obscenity.

And yes, that dinner scene was the most awkward one I’ve seen in a while.

What I’ve never understood about Walt’s delusions of some day being a kingpin is he’s never really accumulated minions. He’s had a few here and there outside of Jesse, but the simple fact is in the drug world you need guys with guns to be a kingpin. Just being a really smart guy and a good chemist isn’t enough. I wonder how he ever plans to get past that hurdle…

Speaking as someone who’s fairly smart, but not so good with the social skills… I don’t think Walt really understands how it works.

Those green beans did look mighty yummy.

I think Todd’s a serial killer. I bet he plays a part in their impending downfall.

I have no idea what Walt has in mind, but I bet it’ll be a tense 24 hours in the next episode and they won’t handle business before the TRO is gone and Jesse and Mike will be stuck in business with Walt.

My favorite part was when Jesse and Walt were at the fumigation house. Jesse is feeling guilty, and Walt says he feels terrible too, and how he hasn’t been sleeping, and how Jesse should just go home and Walt will finish up. It makes Walt seem almost decent and empathetic.

But then Jesse goes upstairs (for some reason I didn’t notice) and then comes back down stairs, and he hears Walt starting to work in the tent, and he’s happily whistling. It didn’t sound like the “Always look on the Bright Side of Life” type of whistling, where things are terrible but you are trying to cheer yourself up. He sounded like someone who was pretty happy, without a care in the world. I couldn’t really tell what Jesse thought about that. He definitely noticed it, and he seemed confused, but I’m not sure what else.

Also, I was wondering how far Skyler was going to go when she was talking to Marie. I don’t think she would admit anything, but she seemed pretty broken and on the edge. But then Marie said Skyler should just forgive herself about Ted, and Skyler looked mainly angry to me.

Ah, those little yellow guys from Despicable Me! That’s what Walt needs. A few hundred of them.

Maybe that’s where Todd and his “connections” will come in, if Mike actually does go?

Yeah, Jesse noticed, and it was revealing. That was a good scene.

When Mike told Walt there was something he had to do, I wondered what the hell was so important that he was going to leave Walt by himself, with just plastic handcuffs. It was disappointing that it was for a meeting with Saul and the DEA. For one thing, Mike didn’t have to be there. For another thing, a restraining order against the DEA? Gimme a break. That was lame. Saul even admitted it was lame, and I hope the writers are ashamed that they couldn’t come up with something better. Why not have Jesse babysit Walt?

We haven’t seen the last of the guys who want to buy the methylamine.

I’m curious about Todd and the spider. A souvenir? I doubt he’s a serial killer, but he’s probably a psychopath. “Shit happens”?

I’m glad we didn’t see them stuff the boy’s body in the barrel. Watching them take the lid off was bad enough.

Yeah, I wouldn’t think Mike would need to be at that meeting. But having Jesse babysit Walt would have been a terrible idea. Walt would have convinced/manipulated Jesse to let him go.

That might have been Mike’s reasoning, but I don’t think Jesse would have fallen for it, not after the whistling. All Jesse had to do was watch Walt until Mike got back. Jesse wouldn’t have shot Walt if he got free, but he would have prevented Walt from getting loose in the first place.

My guess is that the plan is that Walt gets set up with the Pheonix crew in exchange for $5mil each to Mike and Jesse plus the methelymine. Walt gets put in charge of the manufacture and a bigger piece of the pie.

Two more episodes. Should be interesting.

Having Jesse watch Walt assumes that Mike had included Jesse in the plan to steal Walt’s share and sell it with the rest. If his plan was to just present the $5 million to Walt as a fait accompli then then it might have been the same for Jesse too.

I know nothing of the legal specifics or how realistic it is, but the key is that it was a temporary restraining order. Saul admitted it was lame because he knew that it wouldn’t hold up in court in order to become a permanent restraining order. If Saul has a “friendly” judge, is it really that unrealistic that the judge could have the latitude to grant such an order?