Breaking Bad 5.04 "Fifty-One" Aug. 5, 2012

Chrysler paying for massive placement?

I’m not home tonight and I don’t have a Tivo. Do they rerun episodes. Is there any way for me to see this episode before the next one airs?

Yes, they do repeat episodes.

Mon Aug 06

Wed Aug 08

Thu Aug 09

Someone’s chees just slid off of their cracker.

Thanks for the info.

Gah! I decided I was too lazy to go over to Brooklyn to watch it at a bar, only to find that my tivo isn’t recording it until 11:34 fsr. Grr!

Man, these episodes go by so fast!

Hell yes, Skyler.

Like it wasn’t a matter of “when,” not “if.” Someone called it (I don’t remember who) in the thread for episode 1 of this season. I didn’t see it then, but I did in ep. 2

Just so I’m clear —Lydia’s life has been spared for the time being, right?

Holy shit, was that tense. Amazing episode.

We now know precisely how much Skyler hates Walt. The “Duh!” look on her face after she answered Walt’s question about “waiting for what to come back?” was chilling.

First thing I thought when I saw the Garmin in the barrel was no way that was done by the DEA, too sloppy and conspicuous. Figured Lydia did it.

I also thought Walt was going to slip further and mention the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, or Hank would see his hat at the “party.”

Also, Chrysler product placement on the driveway scene or not, that was hysterical and kickass.

I’m gonna miss that Aztek.

Correct. Jesse put it to a vote, and Walt said the Meth production will not be ramped down, in the most “I’m the fucking boss” way possible.

Of what?

When the DEA guys were looking at Hank’s bulletin board, did I hear one of them make a comment about Lydia behaving oddly, and another one say “Well, look who she was married to” and gesturing toward Gus’s photo – or something like that?

I’m still wondering about the mole in the DEA. Could it be the guy who promoted Hank? Or does it not matter anymore as Gus is dead?

There was never a mole in the DEA. That was a theory with zero grounding in fact.

Okay, so Hank gets the promotion and will be a bit more entrenched in politics and paperwork, even taking the Fring case out of his hands directly, but there’s no way he’s gonna let loose ends dangle. Eventually, it’s gonna click, and now, when it does clicks, he’s that much deeper, circumstantially, to either find a way to cover every track leading to the Whites, and by extension, him and Marie, or now, that much more farther to fall when the last shoe drops.

No, Hank pointed out that she was wearing two mismatched shoes, so she wasn’t that together.

The name on her plaque - that also said she was in Houston Texas was Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

From what Jesse said, it seems that Walt came up with some kind of plan beyond just letting Lydia live. We’ll find out what that was next week.

One year in the timeline since the show started and possibly one year to the flash forward at the beginning of the season.

In the preview for next week:

It looked to me like Lydia was showing them a way to get an almost “unlimited” supply of methylamine, pointing to areas on a map and all that. I’ll have to watch that again though. Maybe it has something to do with Walt being able to actually make the precursor using more advanced chemistry?