Breaking Bad 5.04 "Fifty-One" Aug. 5, 2012

Thanks! We have basic cable, and sometimes the sound is almost as bad as the picture. :slight_smile:

I was really impressed with the Walt-Skyler bedroom scene. For a minute I’m wondering why Walt doesn’t try to snow her – come up with something to bring her around, if not to his side, at least to tolerating his presence. But Walt knows that lying won’t cut it this time, that Skyler is lost to him, so instead he shoots down her plans, one by one. And Skyler is too smart to lie to Walt, to say something that would make him feel at ease. She knows he won’t believe her.

After what she said, about waiting for the cancer to come back, he has to know it’s over between them. You can’t wish death on someone and think that things will ever be right again.

His speech about his new watch indicates that Walt thinks that she might come around eventually.

Which is so arrogant. She knows Walt. He ruined her life and family. There’s no going back for her. She admitted she can’t wait for his cancer to come back and kill him. I think she might find she can’t wait that long.

The way she was just smoking those cigarettes, and not listening to his “let’s pretend none of this happened” was not a good sign.

If Walt thinks this situation is similar to Jesse’s, that’s pathetically sad. On top of that, Walt manipulated Jesse to come back around.

Still, despite what Walt’s become, I’m still rooting for him. I want him to snap out of it before it’s too late.

That bit with the bacon, while tense, was pretty funny though. That short “1,” then swapping it for Jr’s whole piece.

Yeah, I wrote a long theorizing post earlier, but the hamsters choked on it, then I lost it in my clipboard when I was copy/pasting a NASA url…

Anyway, the gist was that even though Skyler said that she was in too deep and implicated, she’s really not. She could easily seek immunity for dropping a dime on Walt to get him out of the picture. Her brother-in-law is the new chief of the DEA, and since she has control of the finances, she could also surrender all the money and leave him penniless.

Maybe she does something like that, but Walt being as stubborn as he is, goes underground and continues cooking, even with Hank and the DEA on his trail. Sooner or later, they start catching up to him or Mike and/or Jesse have had enough of him, and he has to skip town and assume a false identity with whatever proceeds he was able to accumulate from the cooks after Skyler dropped a dime.

Then, when the cancer comes back and his loneliness and bitterness have mounted, he finally comes back to town to seek vengeance on those who he feels betrayed him. And shit.

The End.

With the whole ‘unsafe environment’ thing, and the constant reminders that junior drives too fast and reckless, it felt like this episode was really setting up something happening to Jr. I don’t really want to think too hard about what that could be just yet.
I just find myself marveling all the way through at the acting, the way the scenes have been shot and the rollercoaster ride of tension. I can’t believe it hasn’t lost momentum yet, and I’m convinced it never will. Totally enthralled.

Hallmark doesn’t have a card for that?

Assuming Hank takes his promotion, that would put some other agent in charge of the Fring case. Perhaps a more objective agent who won’t have a blind spot (like Hank sort of does) when it comes to linking evidence to Walter White.

That’s my guess about where that little plot thread is going.

I said it out loud right along with her! :slight_smile:

I don’t think so - It looked like Lydia was showing them the pathway of the supply chain so they could rob the truck on the way to the warehouse. That way, they have a massive supply of Methylmine in one strike rather than trying to steal one barrel at a time, which exposes them to getting caught more.

When Walt was telling Skyler about how he got Jesse to come around, it made me think about how he did that, and it was by convincing Jesse that they had a common enemy. I was thinking that maybe Walt would try that, although I don’t know who the common enemy could be, other than maybe Hank. But I agree with you that no matter what Walt tries, there’s no way he’s bringing Skyler around. Smoking the cigarettes is a nice added insult to Walt, considering it was lung cancer he had.

Skyler was clever in her way of getting the kids out of the house for a while, but it might backfire on her. I think Walt is so far gone, that he might decide to kill her. He could convince himself it would be better for the kids if she was gone, or just decide that no one is going to threaten his power. And with her erratic, depressed behavior, no one would be surprised if she committed suicide. The audience knows that Skyler would never do it, but Walt could figure out some way to make it look real in a way that could have the police and Hank and Marie convinced.

But, as we’ve said before (waaay before, like years ago). Walt isn’t even a blip on their radar. It’s not that Hank has ever said “Could he be…nah, that doesn’t make sense”. If that was the case, this theory would have legs, but I don’t think it is.
Also, I think we have way to much invested in Hank Vs Walt to have him taken off the case or not somehow involved in taking him down. In fact, IMO, with only, what, like 10 episodes, it’s too late in the series to even be slowing him down. If he does actually take the promotion (remember, we’ve done this before and not followed through with it), I’m thinking it’s just a way to give him more info. Maybe the extra case load will help him connect multiple things together. For example, maybe something happens with the exterminators (something with their chemicals might have to go past the DEA, I don’t know) and it raises a flag in his mind.
Just tossing out ideas, but I really can’t see Hank off the case.

Can someone remind me what happened to the Aztek that required body work?

When Walt was driving Hank, and Hank wanted to visit Gus’s laundry facility, and Walt freaked out and got into a car accident.

I thought that was a few seasons ago and just front end damage. The mechanic was saying he just replaced the entire rear end.

The mechanic said when Walt hit that deer…I assumed he was talking about when Walt ran down the two drug dealers that Jessie was going up against for using/killing the child.

ETA: sorry…I misread, I thought you were asking about the additional earlier damage that he mentioned…but yeah, it was the accident he was in when Hank wanted to see the laundry facility.

This reminds me. The mechanic also talked a while about how they had to clean out some chemical gunk from the car’s grill. Was this another reference to some specific event in the past?

Seems to me that that moment was what convinced Walt he had to get rid of the Aztek, and quickly.

I don’t think it was that. If I remember correctly, Walt only said something about selling it when the mechanic said Walt could probably get another 200,000 miles out of the Aztec. Walt doesn’t care about looking like a family man with a suburban dad vehicle. He wants to be powerful and for people to see that. The thought of driving the Aztec for 200,000 more miles was a depressing thought, so he got rid of it immediately.

Nah, the moment that convinced him to get rid of the Aztek was the mechanic talking about what a reliable car it was and that it would probably go another 200,000 miles.

Walt is giving in to his adrenaline addiction and at the moment reliable and long-term are not his frame of mind.

The other thing is that the Pontiac Aztek was a failed car model, and the fact that Walter White was driving one was a symbol of how much of a loser he was. He doesn’t feel that he’s a loser any more and so he wants a car that projects success.

And thanks for the reminder about the car accident.

Yes. I think her means of getting the kids out of the house made it easy for Walt to kill her and make it look like suicide. It could be too perfect. Unless Hank picks up on the fact that Skyler isn’t going crazy, because it was “her” idea, not Marie’s for the kids to stay with them, along with Walt’s agitation at learning it was Skyler’s idea, rather than genuine concern. This is not random madness on her part, and if Hank is as good at his job as we think he is, he may put the pieces together. He’s in disbelief over her infidelity, but he could easily see Walt doing it, so if Hank suspects it’s fear rather than madness that is prompting Skyler’s actions, Walt could be under suspicion.