Breaking Bad 5.05 "Dead Freight" 8/12/12

Episode 5.01: “Live Free or Die”
Episode 5.02: “Madrigal”
Episode 5.03: “Hazard Pay”
Episode 5.04: “Fifty One”

I watched 51 again last night. Damn, the noose keeps tightening. I can’t wait for tonight!

And I have to say, I am going to be sad when this show is done. Its become something of a ritual for me…talking about the previous episode, re-watching it, the buildup to the next episode, watching it, posting on the Dope about it…

It’s not fair!

Jesse “James” Pinkman, the Man With The Plan.

You’ve come a long way, kid.

This heist is SO nerve wracking

Oh shit

What ^ said.

ETA: :eek:

Wow…no words.

I’m surprised Walter would allow the covers for the underground tanks to allow so much dirt in. Also, since they’re adding water at the same time as they draining methylamine, I wonder if they’re getting diluted product. Does water float on top?

ETA: Shame about the kid.

Omg. That just was just shattering

I had a sneaking suspicion that the kid would turn up. I had zero idea they’d go that route with it.


That was simultaneously nerve wracking, exhilarating and a huge blow.

A+ of an episode.


Well, so much for the heist that avoided killing anyone.

I thought they didn’t start the water going until their take of the methylamine was finished, or nearly so.

Yeah, I knew the kid would make an appearance later in the episode, but I literally said “Oh shit.” when I saw him at the end.

We were thinking the kid might show up in another episode, interrupting a fumigation because he forgot about his spider, or something, and dropping a bomb on their meth operation.

This feels far more heart wrenching.

And here all the while I was thinking him being an undercover cop to expose the house robberies…

Yeeesh! Fuck you, Todd.

They started to add water once they’d gotten about 300 gallons.

What an episode.

When the kid was there in the beginning, I thought that he was going to find evidence from the motor home instead of the spider. Then I laughed at the great fake out. Then the ending. Holy crap.

They had to hide the covers until it was time for the heist. No choice really, but I’m sure Walt will filter it, anyhow…

Yeh, they started the water at a certain point after draining since methylamine is less dense than water… So they had to pump in less water than methlamine. They had it timed out with the meters on each pump.

Also, Walter said methylamine was an aqueous solution, so the water will dilute, and not float on top.

Loved Skyler and Walt:

“Out burying bodies?”

Pause—then a hidden smirk…

“Robbing a train.”

Incredulous look on Skyler as Walt walks off being kickass and knowing it.

Turns out, Skyler had a premonition, I guess.

Yes, me too. I couldn’t help but think of Season 1 when the little girl found the gas mask.

Damn they’re good at red herrings.

Walt’s arrogance is blinding him to Murphy’s Law. Skyler just has a more realistic appreciation, if just on a scared/instinctive level, of all the ways it can (and probably will) end badly.

I don’t know if Todd just woke him up or not. Probably not, as a Walt who is suddenly scared straight by the murder of a child would make for a short season.

Question to all: if Todd hadn’t shot the kid, how do you think Jesse, Walt, or Mike would’ve dealt with him?

Slip him a $100 bill and tell him, “You didn’t see nothing. Ride away?”