Breaking Bad 5.14 "Ozymandias" 9/15/13

5.01: “Live Free or Die”
5.02: “Madrigal”
5.03: “Hazard Pay”
5.04: “Fifty One”
5.05 “Dead Freight”
5.06 “Buyout”
5.07 “Say My Name”
5.08 “Gliding Over All”

5.09 “Blood Money”
5.10 “Buried”
5.11 Confessions
5.12 Rabid Dog
5.13 To’hajiilee

This is going to be a big one. Ozymandias as read by Bryan Cranston.

I mentioned this at the end of the last thread, but will do so here as well since it pertains to this episode.

The current “New Yorker” has an interview with Bryan Cranston about his acting career with a heavy emphasis on Breaking Bad. Vince Gilligan claims that this episode is the best episode of the entire series. That’s a lot to live up to, but I’m really looking forward to it!

My prediction on the conclusion of the shoot-out:

Hank and Gomez run out of ammo and the Nazi gang then surrounds them.

Gomez gets popped. One of the Nazis grabs Walt out of the vehicle who pleads for them to allow Hank and Jesse go.

The gang agrees to keep them alive provided Walt cooks for them.

Part of the gang takes Hank and Jesse with them in one vehicle and another group leaves with Walt.

Dammit, this makes too much sense. Knew I shouldn’t have read this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Directed by recurring guest director Rian Johnson, who directed “Fly” from S3 and “Fifty-One” from 5A, as well as the excellent films Brick and* Looper*. I am seriously excited for this episode.

I’m guessing that minlokwat nailed it in one. Somehow Walt’s snubby (the one he dropped) also has to come into play. It’s inevitable. Might be against Todd or the Nazis, or it may not come out until later. It would make for a perfect end scene to the series. Two children playing ball stumble across the gun and one picks it up and shoots the other. Even after everybody is dead, on the run, or locked up (except Saul of course), Walt’s ruthlessly destructive empire persists.

If the Nazis capture Hank, they have to kill him right? Can anyone think of a scenario where they let him go and they don’t go to jail for attempted murder?

That’s what I was going to say. That’s without Hank putting anything together regarding their meth operations, which he will. Also, assuming Gomez gets killed Hank won’t just shake Jack’s hand and agree to forget about the past in exchange for his freedom.

I would feel like a bad person if I didn’t make this joke about the end of Watchmen, but I’ll spoiler it.

“Hey Walt, did you cook our meth yet?”

“I did it 35 minutes ago.”

Anyway my guess is that the Nazis kill Hank and Gomez in a firefight and take Walt hostage. Todd kills Jesse.

If we are all making predictions, Hank and Gomez die, Jessie and Walt get captured, and then team up to escape the Nazis.

Once Hank is dead Marie will tell the DEA that he was chasing Walt. That’s how Walt ends up exposed.

I’m not sure how he ends up in New Hampshire.

The title of this episode refers to a poem about a King with a kingdom that’s in ruins. Walt’s kingdom has to come crumbling down in some way.

If that happens, there will be a level of fan outrage unheard of since the Green Goblin killed Gwen Stacy. :frowning:

I expect either Hank or Jesse to survive. I can’t imagine the final episode without a confrontation with Walt.

Wouldn’t it be great, though? I don’t know if they would really kill Hank and Jesse in one scene or one episode like that, but it makes sense to me. However horrendously Walt has treated Jesse, he is his surrogate son and Todd is just an unfeeling criminal instrument. I don’t know if Walt dies at the end of this show, but doesn’t he have to lose everything first?

Will Jesse find out Hank was screening calls for him?

If he does, the dynamic might shift a bit, now that Nazis know where Brock lives.

I like this but I really do think that Hank and Jesse die. Not only that, when they’re digging holes to bury the bodies, they find the barrels of money. Then Walt, like Ozymandias, has lost it all: his family, his sidekick and all of the money. Look upon my mighty works and despair.

Walt agrees to cook for the Nazis to make more money and plot his revenge.

Hanks story is finished. He beat Walt, arrested him, and had the victory call with his wife. There is nothing more from a narrative point of view to be gained from him continuing the chase. There is however a narrative that needs to be told about how Marie will react to his death to Walt’s family, especially since she has very good reason to think that Walt is responsible for it. Jessie’s narrative is not yet complete so from a story point of view he needs to live tonight. Walt and Jessie started this story together and I think that the finale to Jessie’s story will be in the last episode.

Sure there is. By having Walt save Hank’s live, it further complicates Hank’s position. Will Hank still be as hellbent on getting back at the man who just saved his life?

What happens to money Walt buried?

Why is Jesse in a different car?

Why can’t Jesse be the cook?

My prediction:

Time jump (at least a small one). The episode opens with Hank and Gomez already dead (think Butch and Sundance, and remember how the last episode went to black during a perceptible increase in the firing rate).

Don’t know if Jesse is dead, or gets away, or is captured, but Jack shook hands with Walt on a deal saying Walt would cook if Jack got Jesse for Walt. That’s why Jack showed up, he wasn’t letting Walt out of the deal. Walt might “save” Jesse by offering to cook more than once if they spare him but Walt’s not in charge any more, certainly not in Jack’s mind.

Now, Walt and Hank (and Gomey) have disappeared, Skyler and Marie have no idea what happened to them, though Marie knows that they were together when she got the phone call.

Can they locate Hank and Gomez using the GPS in Hank’s phone or car? Will Jack’s gang bother to hide the bodies? The Car?

I believe that Walt escapes somehow (maybe even with his family, to New Hampshire?), at least eventually; the gang keeps Jesse to cook. Walt returns and plans to use the M-60 and the ricin to go after them and to rescue Jesse.

All of Walt’s moves in the flash forwards (telling the waitress it’s his Bday, showing his ID, leaving a $100 tip for an uneaten breakfast, saying hi to Carol) seem to express an eagerness to be seen, so he wants whoever he’s going after to know he’s coming.

5 hours to go (on the left coast) and my blood pressure is rising just typing this!

Emilio, Crazy-8, Jane, Gale, and Mike are listed in the credits, so there will be flashbacks tonight…