Breaking Bad Season 3

I see in the dvd store ads that the season 3 dvd of *Breaking Bad *will be available on 6/7/11. When and where was it telecast, or is it “straight to dvd”??

Season three of Breaking Bad aired March 21, 2010. Season four starts in July of this year.

It aired on AMC just like earlier seasons. :confused:
The first episode premiered in March of 2010 and the season concluded in June.

After reading the Wiki, is it entertaining enough to buy the dvd set?

Yes, most definitely. I personally thought Season 3 was fantastic.

Have you seen the first two seasons? If not, I don’t think it’ll be nearly as entertaining as it was for me.

Yeah, you really need to watch them in order or some confusion is going to occur.

One of the greatest shows ever. You should watch the first two seasons first though.

Your local library probably has them.

I missed the first few so have had to wait all damn year for the DVD set to come out. Only now to get ‘very long wait’ on the Netflix queue.


I actually jumped in with Season 3 in early 2010, knowing only the basics of the show’s premise, and that it had been getting good reviews. Admittedly, there was a lot of background material I was ignorant of, but I still enjoyed it — enough to get hooked.

I have since seen all or most of Seasons 1 & 2, when AMC started showing reruns in the fall of 2010. Still, better to see everything in order from the beginning, I’d agree.

The upcoming season is supposed to be the last, so I’ll hold off on buying til it’s in The Complete Series packaging with any extras that entails. I second anybody who says it’s one of the best shows ever.

I wouldn’t say that you’d enjoy Season 3 less if you haven’t seen Season 1 and 2. But you’d definitely spoil yourself on some great things that happen in the first two seasons, things that really ought to be experienced by watching them rather than by hearing about them, which is what would happen if you saw the latest season first.

Last I heard, there are two more seasons including Season 4.

Oh bummer. I love the show but I was really hoping they’d wrap it up this season.

Here is an interview where Vince Gilligan “hints” that the show will end after season 5.

Thanks for sharing. That’s a great interview. The clip from the X-Files that came at the beginning is from one of my all-time favorite episodes of the series. I’m not surprised to find out that Gilligan was involved.

I did the same thing. It’s not an irretrievable error, but it helps to see them in order.

Thanks, all. Yes, I did wacth (and record) seasons 1 & 2. I don’t know how I missed S3 a year ago! I had also bought the dv sets of S1 & 2 (on sale at $17 & $18. I just bought S3 at BestBuy for $20. Now I won’t have to sit thru or instant skip those ucking fads. I’ll start on it this week. Thanks again.

I had heard that it was going to end for sure after season 4, so this is very good news, if it retains it’s quality.

I’ve been thinking that, with what was going on at the end of season 3, Walt is going to quickly end up either dead, in witness protection, or at the top of the heap after eliminating Gus somehow. The first two obviously don’t lend themselves very well to a season 5, or much of a season 4 either.