Catching up with current season of Breaking Bad and Walking Dead

Unfortunately, I’ve missed the entire seasons of “Breaking Bad” and “Walking Dead.” I hate watching episodes out of order, so I can’t just jump in now. The AMC site has only the season premiere of “Walking Dead” on its website.

Any way to catch up quickly?

You can buy the last season of Breaking Bad on iTunes or Amazon Streaming.

No encore presentations?

Maybe I’ll just have to wait for it on Netflix instant.

PM sent.

A municipal library of any decent size would likely have the DVD.

Ah, that’s a good point.

Of the current season? Not for awhile, I suspect. ETA: Oops, BB is over already, although TWD is still in progress.

If you have cable, check OnDemand. They may only have the last few episodes, though, not the full season. But it depends on your cable company.

I don’t have video on demand. I just checked my library and they don’t have the fourth season DVDs yet.

That’s because they don’t exist yet.

I have comcast, and has all the the episodes from this season of Walking dead up. Most every current show has their whole season up, actually, along with whatever movies are playing on my extra stations. This in online, BTW, not on my actual TV. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

The current season (and probably Season 1) of The Walking Dead is on iTunes for $3/episode, but I think if you get AMC they replay prior episodes. When I started watching last year I happened to catch a replay of a bunch of episodes in a row up to the current one.

Yeah, they won’t be out probably until mid-spring at the earliest.

Well, thanks for all the suggestions! I thought I’d hold off for Netflix instant watch, but maybe I’ll end up springing for Itunes.

Walking Dead goes on hiatus after next week, so you’ll have time to catch up before the rest of the season. I imagine AMC will rerun them plenty of times, though it might be closer to when the show returns. The day season 2 started they ran a marathon of all of season 1.

Do not watch Breaking Bad out of order. It’s as serialized as a TV show could be, and you’d be cheating youself not to watch it from the beginning, in order, without interruption.

Possibly in one sitting because it’s going to blow your mind.

Yes, I basically watched the first three seasons on Netflix in a matter of days. It’s unbelievable.

It’s cheaper at Amazon – $1.89 per episode if you sign up for the season pass. No commercials.

Me too. The good news is there will be 16 more episodes, so it’s not exactly done.

Netflix finally has Season 4 of Breaking Bad. I’m rushing thorugh it to see it before the premiere of Season 5.

I have a question. In the flashback scene that included Gus, Max, Don Eladio, Hector, etc., by the pool, how did Hector know what Don Eladio wanted him to do?

I mean, I guess it’s a silly question, because, obviously, they must have planned it in advance. It must just be dramatic license that Hector chose the very moment that he did, when Max was pleading for Gus’s life