Breaking news! 230 children rescued from Netherlands-based online pedophile ring!

AP via Washington Post



I swear, some people are FUCKED UP. Good on the police. I hope the perps get a not-very-comfortable hole in the ground to spend the rest of their miserable lives in.

actually most of the arrests were in the UK

the website was run from Holland.

I wonder what the first clue was that catered for paedophilics…

Indeed. The website was run from the Netherlands, but the child victims live mostly in poor countries with known “sexual tourism”.

So, it is a good thing that childporn makers still thougth the Netherlands would allow such a website to exist. The website served as “bait” and allowed Europol to make all those arrests.

The site had a no picture policy, text only discussions about fantasy and such, but there were secret levels on the website “dungeons” where the nasty stuff could be posted

Last year in Amsterdam they arrested Robert M (Mikelsons) a daycare worker who might have abused 81 children, but his boy friend a bus driver called Richard van O (Olffen), also ran a website for the bus company with a secret level for sharing kiddy porn with noncompany employees.

From the article: “One woman paedophile, who was arrested by Lothian and Borders Police, has since been sectioned.”

Hmm, sounds like a fitting punishment. Or does that not mean what I think it means?

In Great Britain ‘sectioned’ means to be placed in the care of mental healthcare professionals, or ‘shoved in the nut-hatch’ as legal jargon prefers.