Do pedophile rings exist?

Listverse has a new list featuring ten noteworthy cases of missing children. One thing that struck me was, in a couple of cases, the victim was allegedly sold to a pedophile ring, presumably to be used as sex slaves.

Huh? I’ve never heard of organized rings of pedophiles holding kidnapped children prisoner. Frankly, this sounds like something from an episode of CSI or Criminal Minds. Part of me wonders if this is a modern-day version of the Satanic cults people used to worry about: a mythical evil group that is supposedly widespread, yet somehow completely escapes the notice of law enforcement.

Are there any documented cases of this sort of group being discovered?

Scroll down to 2007.

Found this by using Google News to search “pedophile ring.”

Global child abuse ring broken up

How dragnet swept up child-abuse ring in Australia

World’s largest paedophile ring uncovered

A lot of these citations include pedophiles who shared child porn, some of which they created themselves, but that doesn’t seem to be what the OP is talking about.

Or some show like those.

I assume their bearers can cancel out those of the people wearing purity rings…

Some of the articles mention saving actual children from the pedophile rings, but my sense is that they’re the abused children of the pedophiles, not kids kidnapped for molestation.

Am I the only one thinking, “PedoTwin powers, activate!”

Now Google has your IP address and the fact you were looking for pedophile information :slight_smile:

Yes, even paedophiles have rings.

Exactly. I’m not talking about trading pictures. The Listverse article is suggesting that children have been physically abducted by strangers and then sold into a life of slavery. Most of the linked articles talk about “rescuing abused children,” but they really just mean removing them from the home of their perverted parents (or step-parents, or whoever had custody). Nothing so far really suggests that kidnapped children were being used.

What you’re talking about is very rare, but it happens. Probably the most extreme example I can think of offhand is Belgian serial killer Marc Dutroux, who kidnapped and raped six girls ranging in age from 8 to 19, killing 4 of them. He did so with the help of his wife Michèle Martin, at least three other male accomplices, Bernard Weinstein, Michel Lelievre, and Jean-Michel Nihoul, as well as several other persons yet to be identified. In the home Dutroux allowed one of his accomplices to live in, police found 600 tapes of sexual abuse of girls by Dutroux and his known accomplices, as well as other unidentified accomplices.

A much longer and more detailed article on Dutroux:

Marc Dutroux

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