Breaking News: We May Have Captured or Killed Saddam's Sons

Developing story…

I’ll wait till they’re sure. Remember when they said that Saddam had probably been killed in the bombing :o

God I hope so. I will be dancing in the streets.

According to CNN, no prisoners were taken in the raid.

If dead, they will not be missed.

We all know what a prick Uday is, and we know that Qusai is in charge of some loyalist fighters, but what other dirt do we have on him? Is he a psychotic cold-blooded killer like his brother? Most of the real bad press goes to Uday. Whats the scoop on Qusai?

Mind you, from what I do know about these two, I certainly hope we nailed them. Captured would be nice, too. They may have some valuable info and I bet they would spill their guts with little effort. I’m guessing they are actually pussies who hid behind dad’s coattails all these years.

Will look forward to see this story develop…

“Lets get them meek bastards NOW!

Forgive me, but I’m waiting for DNA evidence, dental records, and identifying scars or tattoos before I celebrate. The US has a bad track record, after all.


Much like what MsRobyn said, I’m going to wait. I quote the Evil Overlord Rules List:

IOW: Verify the kill BEFORE you tell everybody about it. It’s terribly embarrassing when you throw a big party to celebrate the demise of a nemesis, then the nemesis suddenly walks in and says “Hi!” For starters, where does he sit? Do the rules of polite society require all the ladies to dance with him? The relevant etiquette questions are not to be taken lightly, lest the gentle host suffer a major faux pas.

All joking aside, the rule is still: Confirm your achievement through good process and practices before you hold the press conference.

Some general Sanchez just held a news conference confirming their deaths, and that evidence will be released tomorrow.

Dammit. I’d rather they were captured alive.

Breaking News

According to the BBC news ticker, the US military has confirmed that Uday and Qusay have been killed.

“More soon” it says.


Dead. They’re dead. Sez press.
And the SDMB falls to its knees and surrenders to the thousands racing to be the first to post about it.

Pentagon says it was them:

Oh, McDonalds stock is up.

It’s a good day for, among others, the women of Iraq.

If they’re dead, doesn’t that somewhat hinder the chance of them helping locate the <da da daaaaa> weapons of mass destruction ? Gee, that’s unfortunate.

Remind me again, why *exactly *were they wanted men; what was it they did to the US, for example . . . . ?

Saddam’s sons are dead?

Bushwheat say, “U-day!”

Uday and Qusay are killed, and McD’s stock goes up. Coincidence? I think not.

Kinda depressing that they killed the teenaged son too. Considering the history of the lineage, the kid was probably on the path to being a major league asshole, but I just don’t like seeing kids killed.

This looks pretty official.

Strangely enough, I just watched a special on DTMS or THC last night about Saddam’s Sons. After watching the show, I was very angry and thought to myself about how I couldn’t wait to catch these sonofabitches as much if not more than Saddam. Then the very next day, we kill them. Major league scumbags. Not sad to see them go.