Breakout Puzzle

My co-worker sent me this example puzzle. You need to enter a 4 letter code based on the four symbols.

Here is a link to the four symbols: Symbols

The actual puzzle is found here.

Select the “ABC” lock.

I’ve tried to figure out different options but to no avail. Any suggestions?

I’ve got nothing either.

I tried the other locks, and the color one is super easy.

The direction one seems like it ought to be easy too. It’s got 4 tickets showing destination and arrival, and you have to input the directions. But either my geography is really bad or the mapping of those four directions to places that are pretty far apart on a globe is stupid. Possibly both!

For the directions, you need to order them by the dates on the tickets. I have no idea what the answer is to the symbols puzzle though.

Yeah, I can’t get the directions or the word one right. Not sure if it is giving us sufficient information to solve without brute force.

Oh, doy!

Yeah, I just looked at the tickets again and realized that the dates had to be it.

So, two really easy puzzles (if you can read properly), and one major headscratcher. Weird.

Well, I googled egyptian hieroglyphs and the chart told me the symbols correspond to GRIT which did unlock the puzzle. No idea how you solve it without googling or knowing your hieroglyphs in advance.

Thanks Inner Stickler!