Breast Implant Sickness = Bad Lifestyle Choices?

My girlfriend and I were out the other night with a friend who flies into town occasionally on business. We were discussing this and that he happened to mention that after a discussion he had on the plane that afternoon with a doctor/researcher he would never, ever eat at Hooters again even on a bet. This doctor was apparently involved (at some point) in research related to the series of lawsuits brought against implant manufacturers and had investigated the link between implants and disease. According to our friend what the doctor discovered was surprising.

While they failed to make a direct causal connection between most of the disease complaints and the implants they did discover that women with breast implants had, on average, much, much higher incidences of several particularly nasty, sexually transmitted viral and bacterial diseases and many did in fact have deficient immune systems relative to the non-implant female population. They looked for a connection but all they find were, according the doctor, “bad lifestyle choices” to explain these problems (higher levels of non-safe sex promiscuity, smoking, drinking, drug use etc). Apparently this was politically unpalatable to present as an explanation and the research was shelved.

Was this “researcher” feeding him a line or is this really a feasible explanation for the implant = sickness argument that the lawsuits were fighting over?

Despite the multi-billion dollar awards juries rewarded to women who recieved breast implants, the general scientific consensus is that they didn’t cause diseases, cancer or any other serious health risks.

Some of them were defective though, and did leak causing disfigurement. I don’t know how easily the disfigurement was to correct, if it was possible at all.

You can buy a copy of the Institute of Medicine report that made that conclusion.

So, if I can unpack that a bit for you, your friend won’t eat at Hooters anymore because someone told him that girls with implants have been scientifically proven to be (ahem) sluts?

I thought that was the whole appeal of Hooters in the first place…

I’m your only friend
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I must have also missed something with this topic. According to your story, the concern is that your waitress at Hooter’s is more likely to fuck unsavory people and get a veneral disease. Exactly what effect does this have on my food, short of her scratching her diseased crotch and wiping it on my burger? (which is probably more likely to happen at McDonald’s all things being equal)