Breezy Wagginballs

The emergence of community resources such as the Dope provides us all with venues for exploring trivial but fair questions that arise in our lives. One such came up for me today and I felt appreciation that, unlike during my childhood when you were not likely to get space in the New York Times editorial section in order to obtain a national or even international response, I can quickly and fairly collect the perspectives of my fellow, well, English language speakers, with ease.

I’m curious to know if other males who sometimes go commando find that after sweating, dried skin in the genital region tends to chafe more readily.

Also, in these circumstances I seem to experience a higher propensity for pubic hairs to become securely entwined, causing a battle between tensile strength and withdrawal force. And typically not a single pair of fibers, but more usually a cluster, though rarely more than 6 or 8. Not enough to distribute the pain over sufficiently large number of receptors. Like tent pegs straining at the aftermath of a black widow in a pup tent, the experience is unpleasant.

I hope folks have something to offer beyond the prospect of dusting my nuts with a talcum laced powder-puff. But if that’s the solution, I’ll give it a try. Ideas?

Gold Bond Nut Powder. And shaving.

I, for one, will not be offering to dust your nuts with anything. :smiley: There really has to be a better solution.

SSG Schwartz

I tried the latter once, and unless one is fully committed to this mode (and that ultimately means waxing the sac, doesn’t it?) I find that the feeling of a hot summer thistle twixt my thighs just doesn’t support the kinetic ben-wah effect that I’m after.

Now, oiling is a possibility. But I’m not sure whether to oil in advance of the sweat-producing workout, or after. Is gonad oiling a prophylactic endeavor, or a palliative one? And wouldn’t it heighten the already adequate cooling action? I like the wafting of a fresh breeze but want to avoid anything that might be experienced as a chill.

Gold Bond? That’s medicated, isn’t it? Whatever the fuck that means.