Mmmmmm. Usually when I make scrambled eggs I break them into a bowl and whisk them, add a little water and whisk again, add some chive & onion cream cheese in little chunks and scramble. Pretty darn good.

But today I felt like eggs over easy, so I just melted some butter and cracked 'em straight into the pan. Only the yolks broke, dammit. So I just scrambled them right there in the pan with the edge of my spatula

Oh my GOD they’re good. Simple, pure egg and butter flavor sparked with a little salt and pepper. A delightful textural counterpoint between the smooth, creamy curds of egg and the crispy bits formed when the white started frying before I scrambled everything. A piece of toast to spread it on and I was content.


Now I’m just waiting for the pan to cool down so I can lick it.

Why do you call them Brekkies?


Frosted Mini-Wheats. Milk.

A little slice of heaven in a small, polystyrene bowl.

You make me one, I make you coffee. Deal? Deal.

Short for “Breakfast (Eggs)” would be my guess.

Me, I want to come up with a dessert that includes raisins. I hate raisins in desserts, but I want to be able to call them “Raisin Deeters”. The only reason they’d exist would be to contain raisins.

Here I thought this would be an exciting thread uncovering a new underground fan-fetish movement…about outrageous shampoo conventioneers, dressing up like their favorite bottle, exchanging bootlegs of old commercials…

Imagine my disappointment… :slight_smile:

My favorite cereal experience. I do not share with the children. Mine, mine, mine.

I like them when the mini-wheats get a little soggy.
Other good breakfast- anything under Hollendaise sauce.

oooh- hello frosted mini-wheats Benedict?

Try tossing a McRib in there, perhaps?

Congratualtions, you have [del]re[/del]invented srambled eggs. :dubious: Dude, I have been making scrambled eggs and omlettes like that forever. If you mix them in a bowl use milk instead of water and they are even better. Sometimes the simpliest recipes are the best.

On Sundays, I wander over to the farmer’s market occasionally for fresh veg and such, and they have a booth there. This booth makes the tastiest crepes in the world. With cheesy goodness and garlicness and eggness. It’s right off the crepe burner, and they wrap it in paper so that it’s sort of cone-shaped. You can snarf it from the edges in.

Or you could go for a crepe suzette with the orange jam and the alcohol flambe’. “Miss, please stand back so your eyebrows don’t go up.” :smiley:

I think it’s more of an homage to re-discovering how nice simplicity can be myself. :slight_smile:

The next time you make scrambled eggs instead of adding water or milk, use a small amount of white wine.

I used to make what I called a “French country omelet” (I couldn’t tell you where I got the name except that it was rustic and contained wine). The filling was onions and diced potato pan-fried with rosemary and garlic; when the potatoes were done I’d deglaze the pan with some RED wine, scrape up the brown bits, and then mix the deglazing liquid into the filling. Then I would make omelets until everybody was too full to move.

I probably SHOULD have used white wine - the red stuff turned the potatoes an odd purplish color that wasn’t very appetizing - but it’s what we had on hand an the flavor was certainly worth it.

Yes, that’s it. Of COURSE I know people the world over scramble eggs this way - why not? It’s faster and requires fewer dishes. I was talking more about the flavor. My usual scrambled eggs, with the cream cheese in, are voluptuous and rich and not eggy-tasting, which is a plus for Mrs. Chef. Doing it this way was a nice change, that’s all.

No worse than [del]re[/del]inventing French Toast.

Or better yet, use heavy whipping cream in place of the milk.

Does that mean we don’t have to call it **Freedom Toast ** anymore?