How do you like your breakfast eggs?

Just a simple question that’s been on my mind.

Scrambled with ketchup and toast.

I chose “other”. Frittata (can’t spell it, but I sure make a good one).

No sunny side up? I understand, I think they’re disgusting that way, too.

heh. Just realized that although I prefer my eggs in a frittata, I typically do not have the time to make one. But, my fallback choice is also not listed; namely raw in a smoothie!

I did multiple choice. If I had to pick just one, the order would be:

  1. Scrambled
  2. Fried, over easy
  3. Omelet
  4. Hard boiled
  5. Benedict

I like Egg Foo Yung, too, but as it’s a glorified omelet I didn’t click on Other.

I usually scramble them, but I like them over easy and in an omelet as well.

Seconded. Anything short of over medium is raw.

For the sake of being annoyingly complete, another fairly well forgotten way is basted. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone order eggs this way outside of an old black and white movie.

Good Eggs Benedict is to die for. An Egg McMuffin is a pale imitation (but acceptable in a pinch).

Sunny side up, but with a lid on the pan to cook the chalaza, if we’re just talking normal eggs and not breakfast recipes made with eggs.

Other than that, I make a killer traditional Eggs Benedict.

I almost always eat them sunny side up. But I voted for Eggs Benedict because those artery hardening delicious wonders are the best. I am sensible enough to only eat them about once a year, usually in Vegas, where all health considerations are out the window any how.

And I also make a killer traditional Eggs Benedict, even though I’ve only tried once.

Other: Sunny side up, where the whites are set and the yolks are liquid. I could have chosen medium, over, since they’re virtually the same; but I like the classic ‘egg look’ of sunny side up.

Another way I like them is to fry up some bacon and cut it up. Fry up some onions and potatoes in the bacon grease. Add the cooked bacon. Then make a couple of depressions in the top and crack an egg into each one. Cover, and cook until the eggs are ‘poached’ by the steam. Serve, open the yolks and let the yellow goodness ooze over the potatoes, and hit with a few shots of Tabasco sauce.

I’ve been practicing French omelettes. I like those. I use scrambled eggs for sandwiches.

But fried, sunny side up, is the most common.

I once saw John Wayne order his eggs by asking for them “lookin’ at me.” So now I always order them that way, too. At home, though, it’s simpler just to scramble them.

I voted omelette, but it could have been scrambled. After all, scrambled is just a messy omelette. But with cheese. Always with cheese.

Scrambled unless I’m having an egg sandwich. Then it’s over hard. No, harder than that. If there is the slightest bit of the yolk that isn’t solid, I’m sending it back.

Although there is a lot to be said for a Spanish omelette with hash browns.

That’s how I fry my eggs. It never occurred to me it had a particular name.

I picked several options, because I like variety, but my favourite is a soft-boiled egg with Marmite soldiers to dip in it.

I scramble mine, with a bit of salt and pepper. I usually also mix in vegetables, either chopped broccoli or spinach. Then a splash of Tabasco sauce, and voila, breakfast.

ETA: A comfort food from my childhood was soft-boiled eggs mashed together with saltine crackers. I still like it on occasion, although everyone I’ve ever met thinks it’s completely disgusting.

“Bacon egg and cheddar on a roll, well done”. Add Blair’s Mega Death when I get to the office. Mmm! :slight_smile:
When I cook them myself, I use English Muffins instead.

If I want really really excellent eggs, I have to be in Albuquerque, and go to the Frontier Restaurant across from UNM and order their huevos rancheros.

I’d just like to add that if there are any leftover deviled eggs from whatever event, I would prefer them to all the typical breakfast preparations. But I didn’t even think of that for the Other option.

Whenever we took my grandmother out for breakfast, she ordered her eggs basted. Sometimes they knew what she meant, but often she just wound up with poached.