How do you like your eggs?

Over here, a discussion on egg cups is skeeving me out. Soft-boiled eggs are an abomination, people! They are why the British Empire fell.

The only way I can tolerate eggs is either scrambled well, fried hard, or hard-boiled. If there is even the slightest bit of undercooked yolk, I can’t stand it. This is a source of great amusement to my wife, who loves her eggs sunny-side up. Are there others out there who support me in this, our most vital battle? How many fellow runny-yolk haters are there out there? Or are you all tools of the Liquid Yolk Board?

Solidarity, my friend! A liquid yolk is wrong on all levels.

Although I’m a professional breakfast cook, and can prepare perfect sunny side up and over easy eggs, you will not find me eating my eggs any way other other than scrambled or hard boiled. I don’t care for hard-fried eggs, as they have a metallic taste to me. But runny yolks squick me.

Over easy, if you pleasy, cut up and eaten in pieces on my lightly buttered wheat toast. I make sure I have enough toast left over to sop up the remaining yolky goodness from my plate. Wash the whole mess down with a big glass of OJ. Yum!

I’m with you. The egg must be fully integrated and completely cooked. That leaves me with only the scrambled and omelot varieties. I can’t imagine putting something that smell like a hard boild egg anywhere near my mouth, and egad, what’s up with poached eggs?

I like it raw, mixed with some soy sauce and poured over a bowl of steamed rice.

Over Easy, Scrambled, Hard Boild, deviled. I just like eggs.

Ugh. I can’t stand eggs at all! It’s fine if they’re completely incorporated, like in breads or cakes. But I can’t even eat omelettes or quiches or anything like that. Can’t stand the taste, the smell, or the texture.

I used to love sunny side up with toast. But now that I can’t have bread I go with omelettes.

Over medium well.

What’s wrong with somewhat of a runny yolk?

I prefer hard boiled, but with a slightly soft center to the yolk.

I used to hate egg yolk when I was a kid, either runny or hard. But somewhere, probably working at a restaurant, I acquired a taste for eggs sunny side up. I like to dip my toast in it. I like them any other way, too, but I’m partial to SSU.

Actually, my favorite way to eat eggs is in a Toasted Western.

Sunny side up with toast to sop up all the runniness.

Omelettes with lots of fresh veggies.

Deviled with a touch of dill weed.

Scrambled with cheese.

Quiche with spinach.

I like 'em lots of ways. :slight_smile:


I don’t mind a runny yolk in a fried, poached, or soft boiled egg, but the whites have to be completely set. I usually ask for ‘over medium’ in a restaurant.

Yeah, I like letting them grow into chickens first, personally. :wink:

I love eggs. I like my eggs soft-boiled, hard-boiled, coddled, sunny side up, over easy, scrambled, hard poached, soft poached, omeletted, devilled, benedictine, florentine, in a cake, in a cookie, in challah, saladed, in a quiche, as mayonnaise, hollandaise, sabayon, custarded, souffléd and in a mousse.

“Go to work on an egg”, as the British Egg Board TV adds used to say. (But not in a meringue. Yuck.)

Come on, people, what could be nicer than a big chunk of black pudding dipped in some runny yolk? It’s nature’s own gravy!

I used to not like eggs on their own, like taxi78cab. But now I like them, as long as there is cheese or avocado or something like that along with them, and they are fully cooked.


For non-Brits, black pudding is (may be disturbing, reader discretion is advised, do not read within three hours of eating)

pig’s blood in a length of intestine


British food revolts me yet again. First I found out you lot eat kidneys, now this…

Like my women, over easy, sunny side up.

Scrambled, usually. I’ll take soft-boiled if the yolk is reasonably firm, hard-boiled eggs are an abomination. Omelette or fried (both sides, thank you) are also acceptable options.