How do you like your eggs?

Besides the classic “unfertilized”, of course. :wink:

I was making some scrambled eggs today when I thought of this. Eggs are a wonderful food. They’re so versitile and can be made into many yummy dishes. Boiled eggs, egg salad, deviled eggs, scrambled eggs, sunny side up eggs, omletes, egg drop soup, and so on. I was just curious as to what everyone’s opinion is.

While I love eggs in pretty much any way, my absolute favorite has to be in omlete form. My most favorite omlete is filled with spinach, ham, tomatoes, and feta cheese and topped with salsa. Gahhhh. :smiley:

So tell me your favorite egg dish!

Just fine, thanks.

Mixed into cakes, muffins, or other pastry/baked type products.


The only way I DON’T like eggs is sunny-side up, when the egg white is still clear. UGH. I can’t even stand to watch someone else eat them. If you don’t want to flip your egg, for theluvvapete, pop the cover on the pan for a few seconds and let them steam.

BTW, a good way to do this without overcooking them is to fry them really hot until the white is almost done (ideally with a little brown crispy fringe at the edge), then - with the lid ready in one hand - crank the gas right up and drop in a little bit of water - about two or three tablespoons of it, measured out ready in a glass. Get the lid on really fast, because it will hiss and spit like crazy, then turn off the heat. Result: Perfect fried eggs with liquid yolks and no snotty white bits.

I like mine in omelette form, with feta cheese and spinach. Perfect for a weekend breakfast, which is usually mid-morning 'cos everyone weekends is for sleeping in!

I love eggs fried over easy in bacon grease. It’s heaven in a pan. I also love them scrambled, deviled, boiled and omeletized.

Hatched, grown up, and fried.

Oooh, them eggs is good too! :smiley:

Scrambled or hard-boiled.

Scrambled, with omelet fixings stirred in. I gently saute diced ham, tomato, bell pepper, and onion. After that is cooked through, I pour in the scrambled eggs and sprinkle with parsley. I then scramble as usual. I like hard boiled eggs, too. And I like what my family calls gashouse eggs, though I’ve seen them referred to as eggs in a frame. I use a drinking glass to cut a round hole out the the middle of a slice of bread. Drop the bread into a hot skillet, put a pat of butter in the hole, and break an egg into the hole. Let it cook on one side, put a pat of butter on top, flip and cook the other side. Generally I break the yolk, as I can’t stand liquid yolks. I also panfry the circle of bread that I’ve cut from the middle.

I think fried, over medium, is probably my favorite w/ poached a close second. I love to dip buttered toast into the yolk, yum! Lacy eggs, fried to fast, are almost as bad as “snotty” eggs. They should be fried over med heat and I prefer them in olive oil, which I learned from a Puerto Rican woman many years ago.
I also like deviled eggs and pickled eggs, w/ a sprinkle of salt on each bite.

Ah, we have a lot of girls doing that in my dorm, currently!

They got the idea from “V for Vendetta”, I think it’s called “eggy in a basket” or “egg basket”. Not exactly like the movie’s version, but it looks pretty close.

I like them generally over-easy, if fried, also scrambled, in an omelot, hard-boiled, in egg salad, oh, and poached!!!

Probably overcooked and hard would be the only way I wouldn’t like them?

I watched Iron Chef last night, and the secret ingredient was eggs…man, you should’ve SEEN what they came up w/…Bobby Flay was right on, and everything looked delish!!!

They were calling that “Toad in the Hole” last night on Iron Chef…my ex used to make it also, and called them “Egg Things.”


Seriously, I’ve recently discovered the trick to making omelettes, so that’s been working for me. Add a little cheese and green pepper and they are great.

Other than that, scrambled is the default, with hard cooked a close second.

I like them most ways except omelettes. For some reason, I don’t like omelettes at all. Usually when I cook them, I either steam-fry them or flip them over easy; I just learned to do the latter about a month ago, and I’ve been eating a lot of eggs since then, because it’s so fun to flip the eggs.


Toad in the Hole is sausages baked in Yorkshire Pudding batter…none of that eggy mess!

Delia’s recipe

What was the trick for you, exactly?

The hardest thing for me was keeping the omlette in omlette form; it kept breaking up into scrambled eggs. Last year I learned how to make an omlette by watching the lady in the omlette line at my college. There was an omlette line everyday for breakfast, but I only had 10 meals a week at the caf and was never up early enough for breakfast. I finally started to get them at the weekend brunch when the Omlette Lady ™ did them. I was afraid of Omlette Man ™, as was half of the campus population.

Anywho, omlettes were extremely popular so they took a good 20 minutes to wait for and as I stood in line I decided to watch her. She could do 5 at one time, it was amazing.

If you are a newbie omelette maker, you should use two spatulas to turn the eggs over in the pan. Do it gently and be sure to get the ends even. With a little practice you will be able to cook them in your sleep.