How do you like your eggs?

Just about everybody likes eggs. What’s your fave?

Hard Boiled
Soft Boiled
Over Easy
Sunny Side Up
Eggs in Baskets
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Florentine
Deviled Eggs
Some off-the-wall way that did not occur to me when I was typing this?

I like them poached.

I like 'em a lot of ways, but Eggs Benedict is my absolute favorite.

Basted. Or poached.

Both options weren’t in the poll. :frowning:

Fried is my favorite, but I love scrambled and hard boiled too.

Aarrrhghhhhh! I forgot poached. It was on my original list!

Still, in Benedict and Florentine, they are poached.

Both Benedict and Florentine recipes do require poached eggs, it is true.

But one may love poached eggs and not care for Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine.

(not me, I love 'em. but even so…)

And basted eggs are so sublime! :cool:

I don’t have a favorite style. I often keep a few hard boiled eggs in the fridge for handy snacking or garnish, but I have them fried sunny side up or over easy (or “steam topped”) quite often, and I love poached eggs with grits (I use those silicone poach pods) and I make a hella good omelet. Bacon and eggs are one of life’s joys.

raises hand Won’t touch Benedict or Florentine, but poached eggs are a definite preference.

No answer for ‘unfertilized’ for the ladies?

Why can I only choose one? I like all those options. I’m not aware of any method of cooking eggs I don’t like.

Eggs in Baskets. Except for some unknown reason, we called them “Rocky Mountains.”

The perfect over medium is ideal, but since it was not a choice I went with eggs benedict.

Scrambled with truffles wasn’t an option :wink:

That, and poached & dripping into a crumpet. Yum.

ETA: Aaah now that I’ve typed that it seems dirty! I swear I’m still talking about eggs!

Shoulda allowed multiple picks! I picked scrambled, but also love sunny-side up.

Fried or scrambled, and well done. Adding liquids like milk ruins the texture of scrambled eggs, but solid additions like peppers and onions or cheese are fine.

Runny or wet eggs are disgusting.

Basted medium is my favorite. How could you not included basted eggs in this poll! A travesty :frowning:

I voted for scrambled, but the fact is, I love 'em any old damn way.

Even raw, as in a milkshake.

Just plain raw, as in cracking 'em and eating 'em straight…okay, there’s my limit.

Depends on who I am dating and then dumping the day of our wedding. I like whatever they like :wink:

In all seriousness I like the way the eggs in egg sushi (tomago) tastes. It’s may favorite kind of egg, but I have no clue how to make it that way myself.
So yummers. It’s some kind of sweet Japanese omelet, and it is divine.

Here is a video on how to make one, but there is zero chance I could do it. Maybe I van just take the guy in the video home with me.