You like eggs....

So many choices, so little time.

Multiple choice poll. Oh yeah…I went there.

Default is scrambled/omelet, with whatever fillings seem apropos, hit with hot sauce. Second choice is fried hard, and I mean the yolk had better be solid, not semi-solid. Third choice is deviled.

Over easy with hash browns on the side to soak up all that delicious runny yolk.

Deep fried:

1 or two eggs
a few tablespoons of olive oil (enough to pool an inch or two deep when the pan is tilted up)
salt and pepper

Put oil in pan, heat up to very hot
break eggs into pan
tilt pan at ~30 degree angle, continuously scoop hot oil over the top of the eggs for about 2 minutes until egg white is set (or longer, if desired)
season with salt and pepper

Very, very tasty.

Poll added.

I like all methods just about equally. Eggs are wonderful things.

Favorite: fried with the yolk broken. Tied for second: scrambled/ hard boiled.

You left out cheesecake and custard. :smiley:
Just give me eggs.

Hard scramble or in an omelet. In other words, there must be no sign of individual white or yolk and no trace of goopiness. And for the love of dog, how do you folks eat them hard boiled? I can’t even be in the same building with them.

Every way listed, including raw (in smoothies).


I clicked just about all the options, but the one that made my mouth water was Basted. Oh, and soft boiled. And the soft scramble. I can’t forget poached. What else was on there? Oh damn, i didn’t click Benedict, but I should have. :slight_smile:

I don’t! Unless you count as part of cake. :wink:

+1 in every respect (brother from another mother)

Yup. Loves me some eggs.

Like most types. I can make a nice french omelet and a poached egg on English muffin.

No eggs. I’m allergic.

I loathe eggs. I cannot stand the smell of them and I cannot stomach the sight of them.

Gross gross gross.

egg whites only. Egg yolks create a major disturbance in my digestive track.

You left out: