Brett Easton Ellis' article about "empire" & "post-empire" celebrities

In his article BEE goes on (and on) about “empire” and “post-empire” sensibilites and those who “get it” and those who don’t. The ones who get it like Charlie Sheen are the cool kids, and those who don’t are the hive mind nerds.

I’m not hep to the distinctions he’s making other than post-empire means you don’t answer to the man. Is there some important larger point he’s making that I’m missing, because otherwise the article seems like a lot of arm waving hipster poses.

Brett Easton Ellis an arm-waving hipster poseur? Say it isn’t so!

I put Ellis in the category of authors that includes Tama Janowitz and Jay McInerney. They may all be brilliant writers, but their time has come and gone. Ellis is simply the most vocal of the bunch.

Nope, you’ve got it. You understand everything perfectly. There’s really not a whole lot to miss with Bret Easton Ellis.

I prefer everything about the “Empire” that he is writing about. If I am understanding him correctly, the post-“empire” is pretty much all gaudy, obnoxious trash. Ellis is an idiot. He had one - one - good novel, American Psycho, which was good only because it was so transgressive and outrageous. It isn’t anywhere close to the level of Ballard or Delany, but it is a good novel. Everything else he wrote is shit. Typical gaudy smug “beautiful people taking drugs and having sex with each other” cliched, trite, melodramatic trash.

I was going to write my response to this idiotic article I wasted my time reading, but I see Argent Towers already wrote my response for me.

Ellis is trying to find something profound and insightful about the lunatic coke-addled ramblings of Charlie Sheen. There is nothing interesting about it. There is nothing symbolic about it. Sheen has a bully pulpit because of his money, which he only has in the first place because he was lucky enough to be cast in a couple of good movies. Sheen is not a great actor or entertainment luminary. He had a shitty show with a laugh track.

Ellis is obviously a great lover of the “reality” era, the era of Youtube viral video and Jersey Shore gaudiness and Kardashians and a hack like Banksy who sprays stenciled designs on buildings heralded as some kind of fucking artistic genius. This isn’t art, it’s…yak! It’s fucking low culture tabloid trash elevated to the level of Shakespeare. It’s a bunch of emperor-has-no-clothes bullshit, high-handed sarcastic smug “I’m so clever and subversive” hipster dogdick. There isn’t an iota of originality or creativity in all this fucking shit. What we are witnessing - the “post-Empire” that Ellis is slavishly praising (you can practically hear the fabric of his jeans tenting out) in his essay - is nothing less than the death of creativity. It is a celebration of so-called “artists” who are creating absolutely nothing new, coming up with not a single original idea.

Argent – you & I are still right on the same wave-length, although I don’t hate on Bansky as you do. Sheen is acting like an asshole; Ellis is saying that’s what’s cool now – that’s pretty much all you need to know about that article. Bleah.