Brian's Song

Today while I was overdosing on Pro Football, I saw a spot on one of the networks, either Fox or CBS, promoting an upcoming broadcast of Brian’s Song. It may have been during the Bears v Browns game. Anyway, I thought, okay, nice, we have a new tailback at Chicago being compared to Gale Sayers and Walter Payton, why not?

Then, later in the day, my kids are watching Toy Story 2 on Disney. Toward the end of that show they had a promo for, you guessed it, Brian’s Song. Only this time it is a remake starring two unknown (at least to me) young actors instead of James Caan and Billy Dee Williams.

Does anybody have an idea on why they decided to do a remake? Is ABC/Disney fighting with CBS or Fox? I like the original, but is it really that great a movie that you need to make it again? I’d be interested to hear anyone’s thoughts on this here.

I also was puzzled by the decision to remake “Brian’s Song”. Not because I think the original is average, but because I enjoyed it so much. I can’t see how remaking it can add anything to the story. But, hey I’m not paying for it. Also, I never got the point of remaking “Psycho” (supposedly shot-by shot, which makes the decision to remake it even more puzzling to me).

Psycho was a shot-by-shot remake, with, according to Ebert, the addition of a masturbation scene.

I haven’t seen the original, but I’m guessing since the remake will be aired as part of the Wonderful World of Disney they’ll be trying to appeal more to younger viewers by making it less graphic than the original (if possible, I’m assuming the original probably has locker-room nudity and swearing) and making it all around more current fashion/language wise. The original was from the 70’s, correct? Are there perhaps political or cultural references that would be entirely lost on today’s youth? (Even without having seen it, I’m guessing YES! lol.)

I’m going into the Way Back machine here and try to remember this from memory. I think it was part of the tuesday night movie thing ABC had then. I think it may have only been a 1 1/2 hour movie then? I remember watching the premiere for that, I was about 10, I cried, great movie, great story. Yea, the clothes and stuff would be ‘dated’, but it did take place in the 60’s so I’m not sure why they would think that. But maybe the facilities and tape they have today would make i look better. But hey, why are we trying to figure out Hollywood?, can’t be done.

Plus I think Abe Gibron himself was in it, how can you find anyone but Abe to play himself!