Brick Walls vs. Rampaging Animals!

What animals are capable of smashing through a brick wall? (I am picturing a standard brick wall of an ordinary house, nothing particularly massive or specially reinforced.) I figure an elephant, rhino, or hippo could accomplish this feat quite easily. What about a grizzly or polar bear; moose; buffalo or bison; or a large crocodile? How about a lion or tiger? (Or any other large/powerful animal any one else can think of?) What do you guys think?

      • My bets:
  1. an elephant could do it easily.
  2. a rhino could do it, if you could find a really cooperative rhino.
  3. a bison/other various large cattle might be able to do it, but they would probably hurt themselves.
  4. a orca could/would do it, if the wall was under water.
  • I can’t think of anything else. Elephants knock stuff down this way naturally. Hippos are certainly large, but they have no hard-head parts for ramming the way rhinos do, and I have not read that they have the “ramming behavior” that rhinos do. I have read accounts of rhinos tipping over motor vehicles from hitting them so hard.

Well, there are animals that might take a lower wall apart - I’m thinking of how feral pigs tear up trees, and that an animal like that could be quite destructive to a brick wall if it had a reason to want to be.

I’m pretty sure I could fire a hamster through a brick wall if I had enough explosive. Does that count?

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I’ve known of horses that have kicked thru a concrete block wall, and thru a brick wall (old & rather loose mortar, though). Does that count?

I recall seeing a film clip on Animal Planet several years ago about a large seal (don’t recall which species, but ISTR he weighed about a half-ton) that made a mess out of a bunch of cars, trucks, etc., in some New Zealand coastal town. If it could wreck a full-size pickup truck (and it did, along with a bunch of other vehicles), I don’t think an ordinary brick wall would faze it!