Brief history of the Olympic mascots - Kind of interesting

See if you can even remember them!


Apparently not everyone liked the Athens mascots

Is it just me? I always thought Izzy, the mascot of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, looked like a gigantic walking sperm.


I thought Izzy was supposed to be a fetus.

I am unsurprised to note that the worst mascot is the Canadian one. It looks like a turd.

Izzy got a bad rep and pretty much vanished by the time the Olympics started. I remember Bob Costas doing a tongue-in-theek “Where are they now” feature on him.

My ex-wife had several Misha materials, given to her by a customer who was involved in some capacity. Since the US boycotted, a lot of merchandisers got stuck with them.

Misha was cute for the 30 seconds that we saw him, as was Hodori (we saw him longer). Sam the eagle was well, at least eagle shaped and inoffensive (the same for the Australian mascots).

But some of those (especially Izzy) have “what were you thinking?” written all over them.

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