Bright meteor, 11:03 PM central, SE Texas

Like it says on the tin. Driving home this evening in my suburb north of Houston, I saw a bright meteor more or less directly north, starting from near azimuth and dropping to about 10 degrees above horizon. Just curious if anyone else saw it.

If you find it, don’t poke it with a stick.

Was it the Flaming Lips heading back home to Oklahoma?

Nope, didn’t see the fireball, but would have liked to. This cite quoting a meteor expert from NASA suggests that fireballs brighter than Venus are imaged “almost every clear night.” Not sure if he was counting all of his cameras, or just the one in Huntsville, AL. Surprising, I had no idea fireballs were that common.

I live in Dallas and was driving home from a date right around that time, heading south. I saw a meteor that night as well, though I doubt it was the same one you saw. What stood out for me is that it was the second meteor I saw last week. I wonder if we’re passing through an area with a little higher space debris than normal.