Brilliant reviews for crappy movies.

Leonard Maltin’s record-setting (for shortest) review of Isn’t it Romantic?

One of my favourite headlines was in Newsweek about Switching Channels, the television-reporters-based remake of the classic newspaper-reporters-based movie His Girl Friday:

“Weakened Update”

Since Battlefield Earth has come up a couple of times, I’d like to say I’m rather proud of my own take on it.

One I just remembered:

Off-topic, but “Musician” magazine wrote this for the review of mid-80s chanteuse Sade’s Lp Quicker Than Pride: “Faster than sominex.”

Toast isn’t boring! :mad:
The movie indeed sucked, though.

I really enjoyed your review, right up until “and the hero is as boring as toast”. What the hell do you have against toast?

Me and Mrs Prefect watched that movie knowing it would be a dreckfest, but desperately wanting to watch some science fiction, and found it entertaining, in the way that “Plan 9 from Outer Space” is entertaining. Your review brought back the horror and the laughs, thanks.

I gotta throw in the two word review for Spinal Tap’s Shark Sandwich:

“Shit Sandwich”