Bring back the mouseover preview!

When I mouseover a topic subject in the list I no longer see a preview pop-up that shows me the first few lines of the first post. Is that gone forever, or is there a configuration setting that I can’t find?

It’s not standard on Discourse.

What about the name of the person who wrote the op?

In the thread list, there are a line of avatars. The OP is always the first of those. If you don’t recognize the avatar, hover over it.

Thank you! I would “like” your post but they seem to have disabled the one thing I was excited about!

It looks like there’s a somewhat official plug-in to provide this functionality. I don’t know if we have the option to install stuff like this on a hosted instance.

Losing the mouseover function is a big detriment. We’d better have some very clear and accurate thread titles from here on out if we can’t mouseover to see what the topic is.

Yeah. I miss that.

Add me to the petition to restore the mouse-over preview if at all possible.

Agree. I use(d) mouse-over frequently and really miss it.

From what I’ve heard, mouseover preview really causes problems with people who have poor vision and use special software to read the board.

If possible, it would be nice to have that as a user-selectable preference. That way, everyone’s as content as this bunch gets. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I rarely click on a thread without checking the mouseover preview. I just can’t tell enough about how interested I might be without it. Please, bring it back lest I abandon SDMB.

I agree!

Another vote for bringing back the mouseover here.

I can’t tell if there is a note of sarcasm here.

When I see useless titles like “A Question” or “What do you think about this?” I won’t bother to click unless I check the mouseover. I can check 10 of those in a few seconds, but it’s not worth it to keep loading page after page of stuff that is irrelevant to me.

Given that:

I’d go for this, if it’s possible.

People occasionally post thread titles that they presumably think are clear, but that are meaningless to me. The mouseover was nice.

I’m certainly not going to threaten to leave over it, though. If it can be done without breaking something else or screwing up somebody else, then when you get that far down the list of Things to Fix please do so. If not, then oh well.

OK, the threat to abandon the Board was in jest. But I’d still like mouseovers back.

Looks like mouseovers are on, at least on my device, OS, and theme.

I thought you were making fun of me. :kissing_heart: