Bring Stalked

Well I guess I am have been online for many years but when she sends these
pictures I worry.


Linky no worky.

Yep I will reload.

Still no worky.


picture Does this work? picture



If this was a joke, the moment has passed.

No. The link is malformed, but even after correcting it, it brings up the ‘sorry’ page on Webshots.

(For the first time ever, I was sorely tempted to offer a ‘corrected’ link that was actually a rickroll, but I resisted).

How does this go? link

Same same.

I get the “IE cannot display…”

Nope I couldn’t open it sorry.

Can you just tell us what it was?

And what does “Bring Stalked” mean anyway? :dubious:

Typo for “Being Stalked.” “r” instead of “e.”

Are you absolutely sure on that?

Maybe it’s “Bring Stalk” like bringing a stalk of celery.

Or maybe it’s “Being Staked” cause if there’s one typo, why not two? Of course, that still doesn’t answer the question.

Or maybe it’s code for something really interesting.

Since we haven’t seen the picture yet, my guess is as valid as well,. . . the link on the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. Same as above - malformed link (it starts http://http://good-times…) and even when amended to

It doesn’t work.

Maybe it’s lolcatz-speak: I can haz stalked?

When come back, bring stalked.